HOT PIC: signs popping up along side REALTOR signs.


I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, but here is the story:

Did an inspection for a couple in a north suburb. They were selling their house (as a FSBO) and read a book (How to sell your house in 5 days). The book said “get a good home inspection, BEFORE you sell”. He hired me (go figure :mrgreen: ).

Did the inspection and found a number of maintenance items (extend downspouts, caulk windows and exterior light fixtures), repair/replace items (add vents to the furnace area for sufficient combustion air, change out old kitchen faucet, have furnace cleaned) and some “significantly deficient” (as defined by our state law) items (GFCIs in kitchen, garage and unfinished basement, add AFCI to the three bedrooms, change out bare bulb light fixtures, add high loop to dishwasher).

Total cost: $650.00

Reinspected (and added an addenda to the report and posted it) and gave him the sign. He had an open house on Sunday (last). He called me (yesterday) and had two offers (contracts) at his asking price.

He is happy, thankful and wanted me to thank you for the program.

I just gotta get me a couple more signs :mrgreen:

BTW: Jeff Merrit (the new Chicagoland Chapter Pres, and a great guy and a great inspector) and I will be introducing this new concept to the Illinois Association of Realtors Convention, tommorow and Friday. I WILL take pictures of the booth an and give a report on the acceptance level.

Maybe we can give a talk!