Hot PIC: My Move In Certified signs came in. I'm ready to do REALTOR presentations.

Lookit the Proud Papa!

Yep, they look great. That banner’ll look sweet at the IAR Convention - Thanks, Nick!


You are just having too much fun with this.

IAR? As in Illinois Association of Realtors?

just showed this to one of the sign companies down hear and they love it.

Is this deal available exclusively through NACHI or will the ASHI guys in St. Louis be doing their $149 “real estate salesmen special priced pre lisitng inspections” along with their others?

ProSight franchise going to begin MoveInCertified inspections across U.S. I’m with owner right now.

whats up with the site. Its not up???

I just got my first pre-listing inspection booking based upon this program. Will do the inspection on Sunday.

Also, just went out and ordered the signs. $271.00 for 5 24 x 18 plasticell with vinyl graphic overlay and cold laminated in steel yard signs.

Any info on how to upload the report and get a username / password.

Can you come out here and do a presentation for the realtors on the Peninsula? I want to hold a presentation to cover from Port Angeles down to Vancouver.

$271 for only five!!!ACK! There has to be a better way. I can get 4 4x8 signs for that price.

My sign guy quoted me $225.00 for 5 of the same size that Will stated. It is a bummer. :shock:

The frames are not cheap, I still have several left from my remodeling days and will have new signs made for them.
Good luck on your inspection Will.

See my posts on this, Will.

I’m 1/3 the price

I did, but too late.

Sorry. I promise to listen to good ol’ uncle Russ next time :mrgreen: