I should have 1,000 new MoveInCertified.com signs ordered by next week.

They’ll be free for members who offer seller inspections www.MoveInCertified.com

InterNACHI benefits are getting too long to read anymore.

Nick, that is great how do I go about getting the sign

I will take 5 of them when they are ready.

I will take 5 as well. Thanks in advance Nick.

Send me one and I will offer on my sites.
If they look like the one I saw at NACHI Chicago, they are fantastic attention getters.
That one was metal though and I assume these would be PVC, still would look great .

I’ll take six (6). I’m doing more and more of them now. Since the housing market is slow, people want to get maximum amount for their homes and these types of inspections help.

Nick I could use 5 of those signs as well

Great! I was just looking to have some of these printed up…
I could use 6 if possible, thanks NACHI!:slight_smile:

I would like some.

Nick, 5 please. Thanks!

what ever you can spare thanx

OK. I just placed the order. 2-sided. No bleed.

They’ll be free to members as soon as they come in.

Nick please send me 5 also. This is such a great idea! Things have been so slow lately and I was wondering what to do next. You are the man!!!

Nick, can I have 5 as well. Thanks

If this is where we make the request, I’d like 10 as well. Thanks in advance. Will they be customizable?

Nick, please send me 5 also. This is fantastic!

It would be great if I could get five also.

Nick I would like 5 Also

Nick I would like 3.