Affordable CoroPlast Signs - MoveInCertified, etc

For those who have not seen my other posts on this, I thought I’d just start a new thread-
These are the same guys I got to give us a 10% discount off their already great prices.
I ordered a 2’ x 4’ blowup of my biz card, 4 MoveInCertified signs with H posts, & the total with shipping is $115.20.

Check out the link below for banners, then the link at the bottom right for signs as low as $3 - in color, 2-sided.
We may have to pool to get prices that low, but you won’t ever spend over $18 each with your NACHI discount.

Let me know what you think!


Im in for a few to start.

I am working on a sign that will clip on to the existing Realtor sign and hang below. It appears they are all the same size and have holes that align. I will check a few more before making my final decision.

Russell, we searched all day and can’t come anywhere near that pricing. Nice job.

Happy to help!
And, the 10% for NACHI off the already low prices was a pleasant surprise, when Roger said Yes!
As you know, any time I come up with another great deal, I share it with the NACHI family!

I had (have) a great mentor . . .

Here is a link one of my co-workers gave me since he is always getting signs printed up for all his marketing stuff.

They list their sign sizes as 18" x 24" and 24" x 36". I don’t know if they can cut the signs so that they are taller instead of wider yet. I will be giving them a call this week. Apparently they are super helpful and have a really quick turn around time.

:idea: Maybe we can talk good Ole’ Nick into NACHI buying a bunch of signs and selling them to members who only want to get a couple at a time. That way NACHI would be able to get a deal on a bulk order and the savings could be passed along to the membership.

Russell it says on the link that they are going out of business and having a 75% sale! :shock: :wink:

Ken, Ken, Ken, :shock: Those are the type of signs they print. :wink: I just ordered my 4 signs yesterday. $84


Are you promoting the Move In Certified Program or the website

I don’t want to promote the MoveInCertified website but my own like… www.AssuranceCheck.Net/mic (yet to be completed) and that is what I want on my sign, not To me the he whole idea is to make this thing your own. What do you think?


How are you planning to utilize the blown up card? I’m starting to like this whole concept. :cool:

Erol Kartal

Hi, Joe!
The program. I’ve re-designed the signs to have my website at the bottom, with phone #.

If other NACHI guys around here don’t take the time to stay abreast of the MB, I’ll not be sending $ their way!

Erol, a 2 x 3.5 card will go nicely on a 2’ x 4’ banner.
I’ve got a state AR convention here next week . . .
:smiley: :wink:

I have my own version…


Is that sign designed to clip under the Realtors sign?


Hi guys, I was told by my sign guy that the DPI is low and he cant guarantee the resoluiton if he enlarges it. Have any of you received your orders yet.

Scott, I thought the file was in vector format . . . which you shouldn’t have any problems with, anyway, that’s what I remember from Nick’s post concerning the sign.

Ok, if vector means it wont be an issue it must be my local sign guy. I asked him to make (2) signs to start. I contacted the banner company that was refered to in the earlier posts this is what I was quoted

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Here is the quote you requested:

$57.00 +shipping - (3) Move In Certified Signs (with more then one color)
$95.00 +shipping - (5) Move In Certified Signs (with more then one color)

Thanx for your reply…

I was a sign guy today and saw him blow it up on his computer. it looked good and he checked it out and said the print would be good for view from street. DPI may be a bit low if you are on top of the sign should look OK from 10’15’.

Remember to ask for your 10% NACHI discount when you place your order.

Let me know what it looks like and the size when you get it. I will do the same.