Hot PIC of InterNACHI's female staffers... meet them all in Vegas next month.

From left to right: Jessica Langer (Director of Marketing), Lisa Endza (Director of Communications), Chloe Katz (Member Services), Wendi Baden (Architectural Research), Alysse Janet (French Translator/Intellectual Property).

If you want a $100 discount to the event, email me for a discount code.

HMMMMM Hmmmmm if I was 40 years younger and single what a crew ya have there. Can I wear my RED hat:D;-)

Bringing Alysse to OKC for you next week.

I will be sure to wear my Red hat women have been known to throw candy at my Red hat:D;-)

I offer this picture as further proof that Nick is a marketing Genius! Seriously. When you are selling to a bunch of sweaty mostly older men, hire good looking younger women. Not to mention I have had first class service whenever I have needed anything.

They’re all brilliant too.

Leave the hat home Charley…it’s just not fair…

Nick Bring them To DC in October…:cool: I can always leave my wife at home…:smiley:

I’ll be bringing at least one or two of them to every stop on the Inspector Marketing World Tour.

I’ll be bringing ALL of them to the Vegas convention next month.

Tell Chloe and Lisa that they should avoid the spa. You never know what kind of activity might be going on in there.

40? [size=3]Dreaming again Charley[/size]? :wink:

It does not hurt to dream just don’t touch:mrgreen:

I am a tattoo fan. Might have to come meet Jessica…haha

I hope to go to the Detroit show, why no Cleveland. New casino you know.

I did not see Paige in the photo, is she back at the ranch??

No wonder Nick spends so much time at the office… LOL.

Im going to the Detroit one. I’m anticipating a bunch of hip mounted flashlights and cameras. Lets not forget lanyards and polo shirts with logos!

I may get a logo for my robe and show up at one of these events.

See you all in Vegas!!!

Nick…are you exploiting them ladies again…:)…Hey…they can’t help it if they are HOT…lol