Hot PIC of Miss Paige excercising between takes on the set of NACHI.TV.…htm


What happened to the other {better} photo???


Who sez that this BB is not moderated?:roll:

Perv :wink:

I can tell you one thing Nick…You’ve got it made at your office.

Who the hell does all your hiring?

You should have seen the other photo!:stuck_out_tongue:

Paige was;

  1. on her head.
  2. doing a “cart wheel”
  3. her shirt was riding up past her cute belly button and …
  4. her tattoo was clearly visible! \:D/ :mwa-hah: \:D/

I could use that ramp she is standing on as a pitching mound during my indoor baseball practices.

That’s a nice set, Nick.

Bill Mullen

I’ve seen all that… and then some :wink:

Aww Ben it’s so cute how you pretend you know me.


No kidding. Takes one to know one.

And Paige, how could you???

I’ll do a cartwheel and expose my belly but then Ben would be up all night kissing his computer screen.

:shock:KISSING YOUR WHAT!!! :shock: :shock:

I detect that the girls from InterNACHI enjoy letting the air out of Ben G.'s ego.
This is starting to form a pattern.

Is that what that GASSY “Ben Smell” is!:shock: :wink:

John, I probably shouldn’t tell this story to a preacher but it happened in your state when Val, Paige and I were shooting commercials in Texas. Here goes: we had all the camera equipment in the hotel room getting it geared up for the shoot the next day and decided to play a trick on Ben. We all had a few drinks in us. Anyway, Paige and I got under the bed covers and she pulled her shirt down over her shoulders and pulled the sheet up to her chin and I rolled my one pant leg up and let it hang out the other end of the sheet. Then Val called Ben’s room and told him to come over quick, that we were shooting a show. Ben walks in and sees Paige and I in bed with Val holding a camera. Ben’s eyes were huge. Then Val calmly turns to him and says… we’re shooting a movie with Nick and Paige, want to join in? Ben’s mouth dropped open at which point Paige and I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and jumped out from under the sheets, fully clothed, and laughing. :smiley:


BTW… I heard Ben kept asking Paige and Val if it was time to do the filming for that scene
for the next three days? LOL…:mrgreen:

It was a good trick. It only worked on Ben because he had a few drinks in him.