Just an update....

We’ve got Nick’s son Nikolai editing a video about how to inspect tankless water heaters. A local Colorado plumber helps Kenton inspect.

Yesterday, we shot 2 hours of a local electrician and Kenton in front of the electrical wall of doom. This will be a great video.

I’m editing a Mold Inspection Training Online Video. When the market is slow, provide other services to stay in business. The course is a requirement to IAC2 which we’ve been working on hardily.

Kenton is developing a Radon Testing and Measurement Course that will be submitted to states that regulate radon testing individuals and laboratories.

We’ve got a 30-year HVAC veteran trainer and about 20 HVACR systems. We’re developing an awesome HVAC inspection training video.

I’m working with a community college of construction students who are interested in helping me build the House of Horrors which will be essentially a huge inspection obstacle course. You’re all invited to run through it.

I’ve been compiling permission to reproduce copyrighted materials in order to develop a wood destroying organisms training video that will be submitted to states that regulate termite inspectors, like PA.

Will Decker came to NACHI.tv and taught on Building Science. That video will be up in a few weeks.

James Krum came out and performed a full home inspection for us in front of our cameras. We are developing a huge educational course on performing home inspections.

Retrotec donated a blower door for an upcoming energy audit video.

We shot video on how to inspect an attached garage.

The robust videos are submitted to states for CE approval. Like Nevada.

It just goes on an on. Gone are the days of driving 100 miles, or flying across the country, staying at a hotel, and paying over $300 for a class. Education is online, streaming video, from your own bed or sofa, no time away from inspecting, no time away from family, for affordable prices.

** I’m trying to make a living providing excellent education to InterNACHI. That’s why I changed professions (from inspecting to educating) and moved to Boulder. All for you guys and gentleladies. Thanks for your support**.

Thank you for your hard work Ben.

Bring it BEN!!


all new things take a bit of time and we are a hard group to please…I think you are generally headed in a good direction and have supported some of Your training with my dollars…I would much rather sit in the comfort of my office and pic up continuing ed that drive all across the country staying in motels and burning gas…with that said when i think You are talking through your butt or putting out bad information You can probably count on getting my opinion via this message board…hang in there You are getting better…jmho…Jim

Are you interested in getting mold certified?

I agree with the first part of Jim’s post. I love the classroom setting. It’s great for student teacher interaction. However the uniqueness of NACHI makes distance learning an excellent option. Sitting in the comfort of my own office, being able to pause and take a client call, being able to pause and go do an inspection, make it very convenient. The student teacher interaction is a non issues with this message board. No better place for interaction if you ask me.