Hot PICs of NACHI booth which was the entrance to REALTOR Quest Trade Show in Ontario

Way to go. Looks great. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.
Following the show in Edmonton I was booked solid and had to refer some inspections.


Alan had the booth set up at the entrance and it looked great today for the second day. Everyone saw it as they walked in.
Looked sharp Alan!

I hear OAHI-CAHPI had a booth there too. Except it was manned by volunteers who can’t state they are members of OAHI.

Also has anyone rec’d the letter circulating from CAHPI-OAHI about their state of affairs? Can anyone confirm whether the contents of the letter are true?

As of today I have not seen a letter from OAHI or heard anything but that does not surprise me.

I received a phone call .
They did not say anything about a mailed letter but I was Told there seems to be something going on internally about some hot discussions .
Will let you know if I get more info .

Out for the Day .

Great looking SHOW Thanks for the post

Roy Cooke Glad we have NACHI for all Home Inspectors .

Here is the letter I got. I cannot confirm its accuracy and do not take any responsibility for the contents.


I also received a letter about ASHI being in trouble too. Hmmmm

Raymond, Someone has given you false information. I have talked to several members who have not recieved this letter. NO one has recieved a phone call asking for money, other than the usual four million charities that call our 800 numbers.
This letter was sent from OAHI today…

Hello All
I am in recipt of a letter that has been posted on the NACHI forum dated April 3, 2007. In this letter it states that there is a decline in the membership of the Association and that we are facing significant budget shortfalls. In this letter it states that the reductions will be across the board and that the membership will be required to make up a short fall of $200 each. The letter further states that the directors will be contacting each member to seek financial support. The letter further stated that the phone will be sent to messags only due to this short fall.
*This letter is NOT TRUE by any stretch of the imagination and is the furthest thing from the truth. This letter was not produced by the Association. In fact the finances of the Association are quite healthy. *
Best Regards
Tom Lloyd RHI

If I may suggest it get pulled as posting items we know are not true make all home inpsection associations look very unprofessional.


That is quite possible that its false but none the less someone sent it out, I got a copy and I know several others. It appears not everyone got it which makes it even more interesting.

It is even stranger that Toms letter as you have posted is actually not true. The financial audited statements confirm revenues are down as a result of membership decline, that is why the membership fees were increased. But Tom Lloyd seems to have purposely left that part out. That is also why Special Assessments where asked for at the AGM in early March.

Makes you wonder if there is truth in the letter that some of us got. Hmmmm. Have you been to OAHI lawyers office to see the Registry? I have! It was most enlightening! I know I am the only one to have done so to ensure the accuracy of my posts. After all I don’t want to be called a liar now do I. :wink: I believe you were a recipeint of one of those letters; I know quite a few more. :frowning:

Can we really trust Mr. Lloyd with the truth? After all he is the person who sent out letters to those CAHPI-OAHI members who are also Nachi members who were using CHI knowing that his actions were baseless and non actionable. I think its called intimidation, negligence, short sightedness, ignorance, acting outside the confines of the by-laws. I think somewhere there is a credibility problem with Mr. Lloyd and his ability to be ethical and honest, don’t you?

I have not recieved this letter, and do nor know anyone who has. Has anyone else recieved one, please speak up. There are quite a few mwmbers who are also OAHI members here so someone should have recived this also.
I do simply not think leaving this up will help OAHI, NACHI or any particular members to look good. And you all want to look as good as me!:mrgreen:


I guess you are not considered to be in the loop. Did you also get that mysterious letter that was circulated several months ago about another member? Not everyone got it either. I guess the author(s) only send out the letters to the people he/she feels are important. Sorta like only dual members of Oahi/Nachi getting letters of being reported to ASTTBC for misuse of CHI on their websites or advertising

I gess i’m not in the loop, did not recieve the letter etheir.


Did you get the mysterious letter sent via snail mail about a member?

hmmmmm… sounds more like someone is making up things to stir up problems without regard to truth and only sending it to those they feel will help further their secret agenda.
If they only send it to certain people, not to everyone, especially to those who can set it straight, me thinks theirs words would not be reliable too much.
Raymond, maybe your girlfriend Windless,:mrgreen: :mrgreen: is feeding you.
(All the correspondance over the years, you think she hates you, but she has your picture posted on her wall and looks at it every night before going to sleep.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: )
Seriously though, it is wrong and I feel if we act on false information as this, it makes us a a proffesion look stupid and childish.


Who has acted on false info? Is this any different than the misinformation OAHI sends out to its members? Anymore different than Registry irregularities?
Anymore different than breaches of the by-laws?

Have you taken the time to go see the Registry or looked deeper into the financial info?

Whoever sent the letter it would appear to have a degree of truth.

Anymore different than the glaring negligence of statements in two papers?

When does truth become fiction, and fiction factual?