Hot Tub GFCI

A friend is installing an outdoor hot tub/spa and I have a question. All of my training (that I can remember :)), several references and a CPSC article all indicate all electrical circuits to a hot tub require GFCI protection, even the 220 vac motor circuits. Code Check is somewhat vague on this, i.e. clear on cord & plug requirements but no mention of hard-wired applications. My friend says the wiring instructions for the spa adamantly say no GFCI on the hard wired, not cord & plug, motor circuit. I believe the NEC may require GFCI in this application and am looking for the specific code reference. I do realize manufacturer’s installation instructions commonly override code but this one surprises me. I do not believe the spa has integral GFCI either.

NEC 680.71 Hydromassage bathtubs and their associated electrical components shall be protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter.

Jeff, isn’t that strictly for the indoor, bathroom type of hydromassage, ‘jacuzzi’ bathtubs? The one in question sits in a new deck 30’ away from the main house.

I missed the outdoor part sorry.

680.62 shows the requirements for outdoor installations.

Basically, GFCI protection is required at the receptacle or “outlet” supplying power to the spa.

Not required if protection is “built-in.”

Not required in three phase, or over 250 volts with a >50 amp heater capacity.

Prior to 2002 field assembled spas with hard wired equipment did not need GFCI. Self contained spas do.
In 2002 they expanded that to all spas unless they are part of the pool, sharing the bonding grid or if they have >50a heaters or 3 phase.

What year did the indoor jacuzzi tub gFCI’s start being required? Thanks.

Wow…you sure pulled up an old thread there :slight_smile: The answer is 1987.

Here’s the updated 2008 GFCI requirements:

GFCI_requirement_2008.pdf (12.1 KB)

Thats a GREAT PDF…Thank’s

Thanks for the PDF Michael. And Mr. Peck for putting it together.

If he’s hardwiring it then your going to need a disconnect anyways so get one with the GFCI built in. They are available at Home Depot or Lowe’s and are not that expensive. Better yet hire an electrician. The question I have is why would you even question the need for a GFCI when your mixing electricity with water your sitting in?

When your friend puts in the disconect - it needs to be with in sight of the spa, no closer than 6ft and no further than 50ft.

You do know I posted that question 6 years ago, right?