GFCI Required?

Here’s one for you. This is just for discussion. I’m not looking for an “answer.”

This receptacle is in a bedroom. Should it include GFCI protection? The NEC does not require it here.

There’s more here than meets the eye.


OK I will take a guess.
Was it an add on and wired in to exterior circuit outlet on other side?

Hi Jeff

If what looks like brown staining at the window sill is moisture I’d say add a GFCI—:lol:

Or if that is a Pool in back (hard to see) and someone ran an extension cord out the window, may want a GFCI—:smiley:

Or if that Chair is actually an Aquarium disguised as a Chair, I’d say add a GFCI—:stuck_out_tongue: --:lol:

Hope all is well…!

If it is, then is the exterior outlet a GFCI and is this interior outlet downstream? If yes to both then this outlet is protected.

Is that a spa in the adjacent bathroom I can’t see through the blinds? If so yes, if not, well you tell me.

I say Brian got it. Looks like a tile or stone deck under the blinds, so I am guessing this is a jacuzzi tub beyond the blinds.

next photo please…what is behind the blinds…hummm

Brian has my guess also…

Yes It needs a GFCI outlet, a Main Disconnect, and some sort of Grippable Rail.

And after further review the entire area looks slippery too, recommend Velcro…

Here’s the rest of the photo. . .


Good one Jeff, never would have guessed that was a jacuzzi behind door #3:mrgreen:

Good fun! More please :slight_smile:

I this a hydromassage tub? If so GFCI protection is required for that receptacle. If not in a bathroom and not a hydromassage tub no GFCI protection is required. From the 2008 NEC:

Nope. Just a standard tub.