Hot water heater TPR Discharge

Found this TPR discharge pipe on an electric 40-gallon hot water heater. Image what would get wet in the basement if this valve blows.

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Homeowner special.

PS: it’s a cold water heater, not hot. No need to heat hot water.


Actually, it’s just a water heater. The water doesn’t have to be “cold” in order to heat it. :grinning:


It does, there is normally an aquastat that will not turn the unit on unless the water is cold.

I’m just joking a bit, but what is cold? Is 100 degrees F. cold? I hope my water heater would heat 100 degree F. water to a higher temp.

Why are you getting all serious! jeez! Cold water varies with region. If you live in Florida, 80F is freezing cold. If you live in Minnesota, 100F is scolding hot.


I said I was joking, lol. I live in Minnesota and it almost got to 30 today and that felt pretty warm!


That’s why I mentioned it. Come on Ryan! Do I have to get @jjonas to talk to ya!?

PS: BTW, I’m jealous of your ice fishing!

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It has been rough the past 2 weeks, lol. I can usually get about half way around the exterior of the home before my fingers get so cold the phone stops responding to my fingers. Then I go inside and do the basement and warm up. After the basement, do the rest of the exterior.

:rofl: :hot_face:


Actually that hose clamp has nothing to do with water damage that may occur… that clamp will never fail, because that line isn’t pressurized.
The only issue is that the clear tubing is not rated for 212*+ water, and not rated for a discharge tube.
Where did it terminate?

…And is it “strapped” to prevent it from “whipping” around?


…until the TPR does what it is supposed to do, no?


Across water heaters, the relief valve will normally - open at 150 psi pressure and/or - open at 210 deg F temperature and must be capable of discharging.

Water heaters located in unconditioned spaces (i.e., garages, basements, etc.) may require the water piping, condensate piping, and drain piping to be insulated.

Welcome to our forum, Kerry!..Enjoy participating. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great post even tho it was “high-jacked”. Way to keep it fun Simon and Ryan. Thanks guys!!


I was not thinking the clamp would fail. The clear hose was not fastened to anything. I would think that, if the valve blows, the clear hose would fly around spraying water all over like a fire hose with no one holding the end.

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Yes, that wouldn’t be good… that’s the other reason I was saying the pipe wasn’t rated for that. Should be hard piped…
It was hard to know what you were implying by the post.

No, the pipe still wouldn’t be pressurized, as long as the end is not clogged or trapped.
But, as Jeffrey pointed out, it would whip around

Pex is an approved material in many areas.