Hot Water Heater Vent?

The picture is of the gas hot water heater vent pipe. The hot water tank is just on the other side of the wall.
It runs almost level, and it appears to be single wall pipe.

It was enclosed*(screwed shut)* in a small enclosure in the bathroom. The gas was off to this unit so I didn’t go any further with it. No louvered doors or vents to draw fresh air from.

Is this acceptable?


Write it up anyway.
Needs makeup as you said and check clearance on the flue as well.

Looks like a small soffit opening ,eh? did it have vents (unrelated)

I’m not sure I understand you question. The vent pipe has two 90 degree elbows and is attached to the facia.

You know how you get back from a hard days work feeling all warm and fuzzy because you know you did a good job? This was not one of those days!!!:slight_smile: jus kidden…

Every thing I read on this checks out ok, but for some reason just doesn’t sit well with me. What am I missing?

Pertaining to the picture only, what if any defects can you observe?

it does has the proper 1/4" per ft slope
it does extend 2ft above the roof

I meant clearance from combustibles (siding)(interior wall)(insulation)

What is that loop strap made from ?

The loop strap appears to be made out the same or similar material as the pipe.
As I mentioned before, I did not have access to inspect this system other than this picture.

I believe the double wall pipe has like a crimped circle near each end: whereas, the single wall pipe does not. This appears to be single wall pipe pertruding through the wall to the elbow, then it looks like a double wall to the cap. This would make the siding clearance the only defect…?

I posted this question last night before I went to bed at 1am.
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My question has been responded to by on fine NACHI gentleman (which I appreciate).

I was hoping to have this issue discussed so I could continue finishing my written report in a timely fashion for my client.

Problem has been resolved:
I spoke with the buyers re agent and she said “I’ve been in the business for 20yrs and it looks good to me, besides I may have another job for you.”:wink: