Water Heater vent doesnt look right....

This doesn’t look right, is this some type of new installation? How would one write this up? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


That looks like dryer vent which is not approved

Thanks Wayne I was just making sure because there is a new flex vent material that is being used now that looks like a dryer vent right?

Yes there is but that isn’t it , I truly believe that is dryer vent,

It looks more like this

Yeah your right, Thanks I really appreciate it.

It looks like someone replaced a water heater and got one too tall and rigged it like that instead of properly installing it. Wayne’s right, the vent material doesn’t look right.

I didn’t know since I haven’t actually seen those new liners

Better to ask Steven , One thing for sure you get a answer here. Everyone has to ask something sometime or another. Another reason this is good spot for information

I know, you can never ask too many questions. We all continue to learn by doing so, especially on this message board.

And the water pipe looks combustible. It’s in contact with the dryer vent, I mean water heater flue.

A liner is different than what is needed there. A liner is just that…a chimney liner.

Your picture looks like this:
This type could be used with the correct clearances and needs the correct terminations:

i was using the liner to show the difference because i couldn’t find the flex pipe. Didnt mean to side track you Steven but i know you got the idea

Also this looks like 4" flex connecting to a 3’’ galvanized pipe with no clamp!! It looks like it could be leaking CO around that connection!!

You should also check the clearance requirements of heaters installed like this. The information is typically included on the data-sticker of the unit.

Most require a minimum of 12 inches clearance from the top off the unit to combustibles. Many Bradford Whites need up to 16 inches.

Thanks for the input guys, it helps me out a lot.

I am pretty sure that plastic zip-ties are not an approved method of attaching a flue, but I would have to go check!

put so high temp to that flex line and see what happens.PUFF.I would have shut that off.