Hot water heater

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Both lines are hot to touch, doesn’t seem right because the right side with the shut off is the supply which also leads to the water softener . That line is also warm not hot as it feeds to water softner
I’m not a code enforcement person but I also know that it’s not right to run flex straight to the water heater.
Photo in Attachment

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #2

I think if you go to the sink and turn on both taps ,Then check the water heater pipes you will see the cold is now cold .
I think it was not used and the tank heated the cold supply .
Note the proper name is water heater not Hot water heater .
I posted the picture so all can see the tank correctly . I see nothing wrong with the flex pipes .
What is the hot temp at the taps .

All the beast Roy C

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A picture of a hot water heater and water heater was posted by another member just recently.