House Masters franchise taken from the I cant post area.

Does anyone out there have a HouseMaster franchise or heard anything good or bad regarding them.
Reason for asking is that a gentleman in my area is retiring and selling his franchise and I’m considering possibly looking into purchasing it. I’m not pacticulairly a franchise type person as I don’t like having my hands tied and having to use their products. But, on the other hand this may be a lucrative venture, and as they say, if you can’t beat em’ assimulate them.:cool:

At thius time in our local market I would not recomened a “start up” for anyone. If you are currently in biz and can deal with the cycle then you will prosper in the years to come.

Any help and advice is as always greatly appreciated.

I will say the local HM franchise was doing** well** last time I bothered to check. 70% (last 2 years),but it is not just them suffering.

HM’s is a top of the line franchise, but it all dependes on the local owner.;-)](“”)

Thanks Todd, I am meeting with the owner on Sat. to hammer out the finer details. Not worried about a start up business, looking to expand as I’ve been doing this for a few years as an independent and have managed to keep my head above water thus far.

How did it go?

Alas, there will be no franchise for me. I was already to finalize the offer with the owner but things changed at the last minute. It seems the business is owned by the inspectors father-in-law who ran the show and paid the inspector a salary. It seems there was a break up, so the business was offered to the inspector, but he didn’t want the head aches of inspecting and running the business. This is where I came in. Things looked like they were going to go through till last night when the son in law woke up and smelt the coffee and decided that maybe he has a good thing here and decided that he wanted to buy the business after all. After 7 months of dragging his heels NOW he decides. But he’s also a nice guy and I wish him luck.
Now I am very sad.:frowning: I saw this business having the potential to grow to one of the top inspection companies in this area. Oh well, I guess I shall keep on applying my energies to growing my business to one of the top.