House of Horrors 3 to open in Chicago.

House of Horrors® 3 Planned for Midwest: Press Release - InterNACHI

Nice! I was hoping a new HOH would open for the east coast. The Midwest and most of the NE , have many common building characteristics… Florida has very different building characteristics from most of this area… I would suggest that HOH II in Weston be converted to a HOH SE United States facility.

Right near the ASHI classroom. lol

You know that is no coincidence, right?

Hence, why I mentioned it, silly. ;-):mrgreen:

Just being in CHICAGO makes it a house of horrors.

I will not be volunteering for ANYTHING there :smiley: Unless it is a course for ARMED inspectors :smiley:

Awesome, These really do elevate the industry.

Awesome! Look forward to