House of Horrors III Inspector Training Facility being built in Southern, California.

I’m glad it will include include a hot tub and a partial swimming pool. That’s missing from nearly all HI training.

Too bad one inspection company will have control over it. A big slap to the rest of us.

Not to mention a certain Indiana person now has a foot in the door at what will be an InterNACHI training facility.

Still, despite this, I’m excited.

I’m reading on FB the site with near the Ontario airport. Not close enough for me to drop by all the time, but close enough to visit without too much trouble.

Bam! :mrgreen:

Control over it? What does this mean? It’s nachis or ?

Hard to say. But their name is on it, and they’re choosing a location that is in the vicinity of their office.

At the least, they’ll be using as a recruiting tool for their company.

How about building a smaller version on a flat bed truck and moving it round the country instead of florida , cali, etc? Then it could be all INTERNACHIs alone…

This House of Horrors thingy has really taken off. Congrats!

I’ll have to check it out when its done.

Great Job Elite Group!!!

I can’t wait to see it when it is finished. You operation of Certified Master Inspectors is a credit to the industry.

You sound less than enthusiastic. :slight_smile:

The gorilla.