House with Natural Gas Well

Did one today in rural Kansas. Well out in back 40 …the sellers have lived there 20 - 25 years (house is about 40 years old).

, anybody got any real whippy narratives for them.

35 years AND have seen them in West Texas / Rural Kansas BUT never during a home inspection. It had several issues I know are wrong (like the live romex wiring wrapped around the pipe out in the pasture for heat to cut down on condensation; the regulator and bleed off in the dirt / about 18" below an operable window / next to a dryer vent AND the AC unit) BUT can’t find anybody to refer it to for full evaluation … Tried a LPG supplier; 2 plumbers, city & rural gas companies, etc, etc … EVERYONE said 'no way, senor"

Dan, had one last week out in west Olathe. It was servicing 6 properties, and ran out two years ago, according to the sales disclosure, and was capped off. Main well was half mile away, and not on the property. I would contact the county extension office.