Natural Gas Well

Inspecting a house tomorrow with it’s own gas well,I know it it beyond the scope of normal inspection.But was just wondering if anyone had done an inspection like this before.Oh buy the way it is also a log home.

Just my thoughts

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I would recomend that it be checked out either by gas company and or fire department and that they check with their insurance company. There insurance company would be a must for me. Be very careful on any comments you make in regards to anything to do with it not unless you are a gas fitter or very knowledgable.

Just my thoughts

I do not think the Gas company will be interested as they are not making any money on this supply.
I have heard of many strange hook ups on private gas wells from garden hoses to plastic pipes and hose clamps.
I would be sure to write hard and defer it to a qualified gas person.
Take lots of pictures if you can for your self to look at in the future.
There could be Moisture concerns in the gas and some chemicals that can eat the pipes.

Roy Cooke sr …

Thats what I am refering to

Thats what I said

I would be very careful on this.

I would think that it would be well outside the SOP

I would think that it would be **well **outside the SOP

The inspection of the property with it’s own gas well went well.The gas piping was no different than anyother except there was no meter at side of house.The buyer had done his home work on private wells and knows the down falls ie the well could run dry at some time and they can some times freeze up in the winter which the owner said it had a time or two and the buyer was find with that.As for the house which was log with poured foundation was in real good shape.Just the usall things GFI not working hand rails missing and small things like that.

Good for you thanks for the report . Roy Cooke sr

I guess this is a bit late now that the inspection is past. But though the well is beyond the SOP the furnace isn’t. Pay particular attention to corrosion. Depending on how ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’ the methane is from hydrogen sulfide there should be a scrubber before it enters the furnace equipment to prevent premature corrosion.

Thanks Paul but it was a high e unit and and 90% of the burners could not be seen.The furnace was 4 years old and in good condition. But anyway thanks.

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