House wrap over ridge gap, ridge vent

I was performing and inspection today of a roof. There was apparent microbial growth as well as other issues. I had an observation of house wrap over the ridge gap with a ridge vent on top of that. I am in South Carolina. I have never seen this before. Does anyone have idea of its ok or not? I do not see how it breaths otherwise. Thank you in advance for help.

Hi Anthony,
I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s some type of vent mesh. I’ve seen this before in my area.

ADFORS Vent Mesh, 8 " x 100’, Charcoal - -

Anthony, I would recommend the wrap being removed or pass it off to a qualified roofer/contractor.


Thank you quick response. I did recommend further evaluation by qualified roofing contractor. These are one of the Lennar townhome places. Lennar puts them up fast and HO sees plenty of issues. The homes I was inspecting were town homes of 6 town homes together.

If it’s vent mesh as @kleonard mentioned it’s fine . If it’s synthetic underlayment, it needs removed. I would recommend a roofer identify the material and rectify the situation if needed as a CYA.

Lennar is one of the biggest national builders in the country and the Crackerjack cookie cutter homes they build around here rank up there with DR Horton. Just like how a blind dog will find a bone eventually, if you look at enough of their homes you just might find one that doesn’t have any major issues… eventually… I did quite a few 11th Month inspections last year on DRH homes and only had 1 that didn’t have considerable issues.


Looks like the newer underlayment from here.

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Photo doesn’t look like a “breathable” material. And don’t underestimate the mistakes and ignorance that has come into construction (particularly residential). Over and over, I hear how tough it is to find qualified workers. I had one inspection where the roofers didn’t cut out the vent openings. Turns out the roofers were brand new on the job. They had been given some basic instruction and turned loose.

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For me, I would report on the visible moisture issues. Then comment on the material covering the ridge vent as a possible contributing factor.

I think it’s synthetic underlayment. They probably covered the entire roof, including ridge vent, so they could keep things dry until the entire finish roof was installed. They should have cut that section out prior to installing ridge vent.


Morning, Anthony.
I would write up: Suspect: ice shield or WRB covering the 3" inch gap that runs along the peak of the roof observed from the attic. This material could impede a clear open space for ridge vent attic circulation. Suspect condition.
Grayish staining on under side of roof deck sheathing. Suspect: Microbial growth. *Note: **Microbial growth, often referred to, mildew or mold, is a family of fungi that is commonly found both indoors and outdoors.
Recommend: A licensed Air Quality Control specialist assess suspect staining.
Recommend a licensed roofing contractor further evaluate ridge venting.
Act upon and referrals offered.