Test your knowledge??????

It took me two trips on the roof to determine why and how all of the leaves entered the attic of this home that had one layer of metal over one layer of asphalt type shingles. Take your best shot;-)

Looks like an open ridge vent.

This could have happened before the new roof went on.
hard to inspect a place I can not see

So it took you two trips on the roof to determine, but you only show us one photo of attic.

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Ok here is the roof

What Marcel said, open ridge vent.

with two layers of roofing material ??? Something is missing here???:wink: if leaves can blow in so can water

Gable vents ?

No gable vents the leaves are all in a straight line with the ridge cap

got to be an open ridge cap

Two layers wouldn’t matter if there is a ridge vent. I’ve seen snow blown in at ridge vents.

Not blowing in, its getting sucked in.

Ok my whole point here IS

In Okla on a metal roof install I am assuming that there was a ridge vent cap of asphalt nature that was removed when the metal was installed because the metal ridge cap would not fit properly. Thus leaving the ridge open, to counter this they make a foam strip that is contured to fit the metal sheets this home had no foam installed allowing any and all leaves ,critters and moisture into the attic.

BTW when I attended a roofing school in Ind the metal rep stated you should never install a metal roof over asphalt. The asphalt should be stripped off as the gravel on the asphalt will scratch the paint on the metal thus causing premature rusting

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So the first reply was correct.


I want the last minute of my life back, Charley:mrgreen:

Did they say you should not put shingles over a metal roof .

Steel roof new shingles and asphalt.jpg

Without a picture of the roof.
Metal is the key word and Charley, up here they install metal roofs on shingles, but have to install a slip sheet. :wink:

Never seen that done but it makes sense

Wuz you holding your breath:p

It was obvious!!! I was trying to drag out of someone if they knew about the foam for the metal ridge cap as it is not visible once installed