Houston Home Inspector rated F by Angie's List Member...

**that commits Fraud and Libel by their actions. **

I signed my Houston Home Inspection business up for an Angie’s List business listing back in 2006. To me, it was one of those things that you do when you operate a business. You know, get listed on as many on-line directories as you can, to increase your web presence.

Admittedly, since that time, I haven’t paid much attention to that listing and have gone about my business as a Houston home inspector, with few complaints since 2003.

Since that time, Angie’s list has become more and more visible in advertising and since I’ve been revamping my old web site I thought I better look at my old Angie’s List directory listing under Houston Home inspectors and perhaps update it. Now try to imagine as a business owner what your surprise might be to find a review like this about your company…

**Read the entire story and what happened here.


That is pretty sad.

Wow, even though this incident doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for sharing John.

A real eye opener for me. The CDA of 1996 plays a key role at AL and is invasive to the attitudes of those that work there.

So how recent did you discover this review ?

Within the last two months. It sat there since 2007.

That’s a long time.

I’ve also always been leery of Craigslist.

I know this isn’t related to your story, but

This just happened a few days ago.

ST. LOUIS •](http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/man-shot-in-st-louis-after-answering-craigslist-ad-for/article_9ab8a447-b081-54d9-bdaf-eeb7998c2e0b.html) Police have charged two suspects in the shooting of a man who inquired about a car that was advertised on Craigslist, St. Louis police said.

About a mile away from Wednesday night’s shooting scene, a man was shot to death in December under similar circumstances: He had gone to talk to someone about buying his car.*

Well written. Glad you were able to get it removed.

They sound about as consumer oriented and ethical as the BBB.

I’ve seen some guys advertise home inspections on Craig’s list. You can get some Internet exposure from it but I wonder if the ends justifies the means.

Thanks Chuck. The BBB, I’ll have to write my story about my experience with them one day.

Dear John,

I apologize for the heartache I caused you, but it is nothing compared to the scorn and heart break you gave me when I asked you to dinner after the inspection. I remember well that you turned me down with meaningless politeness, and you claimed you were married. How dare you lead me on throughout the entire inspection! Talking to me as though you really cared about my well being and teasing me like the a chip and dale gigolo that you are!!! The way you caressed that water heater had me burning with desire… but alas it was not to be. I had no choice but to retaliate the only way I knew how. And now to find out you never cared and didn’t even notice me again until 6 years later. I have been broken and you are to blame.

Forever infatuated,


Seriously John… thanks for sharing this. I admit that I have neglected looking at my reviews for some time until just recently when a client hired me claiming she did so based on all my raving reviews from AL. I knew I had a couple, but didn’t think I had so many as she claimed there were. I was quite relieved to find all my reviews were indeed positive, but have not received emails from AL like I used to whenever a client left a review. A bit disturbing to say the least as I was afraid I might find what you did.

Bill, I got nothin’. WTH?:smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: LOL! :mrgreen:

Bill, I’m glad that your experience has been a good one up to this point. Many of us get busy with work and forget about our on-line reputations and the moral of this particular story is that things can go sour for anyone at anytime with the on line service review companies. Inspectors should remain vigilant and don’t take no for an answer when trying to get fake or dishonest reviews removed.

Have not used it in about a year but anytime it seemed slow would post and would always get a call right after…Luck ?.. coincidence ?

Always got lots of spammers after that as well .

So the idea of a home inspector defense fund doesn’t appear to be so crazy now does it? With the threat of litigious vendors filing frivolous lawsuits against NACHI members coupled with fake AL reviews it appears we need to be more vigilant in regards to our reputation.

I’m glad to see it had a happy ending at least!

Keep your virus in the already infected threads.

John, great story. Thanks for sharing it with us, it’s a good reminder to be on top of our online presence. I’ve been dealing with a local home inspector who has written multiple negative reviews about myself and two other inspectors. Most of his activity has occurred on Google which is a real bear to get removed. Luckily he’s too stupid to disguise himself and his reputation is becoming well known throughout my area with realtors and home inspectors alike.

Thanks Dom, me too!