Angies List

I have found that I have a negative review on** Angie’s List **for an Inspection NEVER Contracted, Performed, Completed…

Angie’s List (suggests) will remove 20 % of the negative rating …,


20 % reduction of a rating for WORK Never Contracted, Performed and Paid For…
Brad1588 (Angies List Call Center**) Suggests that this is their corporate policy.

Has anyone here ever had a questionable** Angie List** rating that was Unwarranted…
There are elements of a Class Action with regard to complicity in posting erroneous allegations with deemed acceptance (they accept whatever a Member has reported) based upon what I was told…

Email or respond to this posting.

Lawyer up

I look for Angie’s List to go under, so if you’re going to sue, do it in the next year.

Frankly I’m surprised that the company is still operating.

Amazon is supposed to start providing a similar service soon. That should be the death knell for Angie and her list.

I got an F for a job I never did.
I met the woman and knew right off she was trouble, I said in a very nice way I was not a good fit for her project and excused myself. A month later my electrician calls me and says “How did you get an F on Angie’s list?”

I called Angie’s and said I never even gave this woman a bid and they said “we can’t remove the F but if you advertise with us and get people to give you good reviews your F will eventually get buried behind the other reviews”

Angie’s may work for some but its a dishonest company.

Their business model encourages you to give them money to bury bad reviews they refuse to correct.
I had a gut feeling from the start. I feared stuff like this could happen & decided the benefit (if any) is not worth the risk.
Scenario - let’s say after you refunded the fee for whatever the reason, your review says “They failed to find blah blah.
I had them give me my hard earned money back.”

And you’re still screwed.
I guess just advertise more to bury it.

Yelp is the same way but people trust big companies that advertise.

Most thought it would be out of business last year

I use Angies List I don’t pay for advertising, I send the link to all my clients not one review on it. After reading this thread, I think I’ll stop handing out the link:shock:

Good Luck though, no one deserves to get a bad review on something they didn’t do.:frowning:

They can’t give you a review unless they are a member of Angie’s List.

That explains? I don’t feel like advertising with them. I set up a free account but I guess that explains why I haven’t got a review there. Most of my clients been emailing me there short testimonials for my website.

Non members can make reviews. I have reviews from non members. The review is not ‘counted’ by AL as they are not member reviews.

I got a thank you note today from a customer, its so nice and complimentary it humbles me to read it, its my first written thank you for doing a home inspection. That’s how I wrapped my day. That’s life though, do your best and for some its appreciated and for others nothing is good enough.

As far as Angie’s go, some swear by it.

On another note a group of contractors is considering a class action lawsuit against Angie’s. Angie says you can’t pay to be on Angie’s but its obvious you can, those who pay the most get preferential ad space.

People can review you on thousands of sites. Don’t get too obsessed about one. Google, yelp, Facebook, etc. people can review you whether you know it or not, whether you listed your company or not (Angie’s list included. The client adds your info). It’s the unfortunate way of the future

I didn’t think non-members could write or read reviews. I can’t even read mine without signing in.

“Join now to read ratings and reviews from real customers”

That is for consumers, you need to click on the “business owners” or similar to that button.

One must still create an account to write a review.’s-list%3F

Not true, it just doesn’t carry the same weight as member reviews.

Right before Christmas we got a thank you card with a check for 150.00 to go out to diner. What a great surprise!!! I had done three inspections for them and they bought two of the three houses. The last one got a new 12K septic system thanks to our honest evaluation of the property.

It can be a thankless job at times but every once and awhile we get reminded of why we do this.

That is what Angies List told me…
Their Customer can post false and malicious reviews because that is what they are paying for.

I have requested that my corporation be removed in its entirety from their website as I have no interest in servicing any of their (Angie List) Members.

They are investigating how this can be done…
More to follow…

I had a few clients tell me that they hired me because of my reviews on Angie’s List. I didn’t realize I had any reviews there so I joined just to see what they said and after joining I noticed that I didn’t have any reviews, good or bad on that site…I didn’t keep my membership this year;-)