Chuck from Apple lol, says How to waterproof inside-out, look at the blocks inside sheesh

It says, How to WATERPROOF Basement from inside, out

4:25—4:45 mark, see the blocks, at corners, down low, up high etc… see the efflorescence and discolorment

Water is getting into the hollow-blocks on the outside through cracks in walls or cracked parging if applied or if builder didn’t apply any parging on ext-walls. In a couple areas some water might be entering through ext-openings ABOVE ground level.

So installing an interior drainage system and putting in a shallow frenchie-fry ext-drain does NOT seal, waterproof any of the exterior problems! sheesh same old crap so some efflorescence etc will continue on inside blocks… hoiw much money did we charge for this??? I BET anyone it was more than what ext-waterproofing of areas needed would have cost.

They didn’t ‘waterproof’ anything. Bogus claim.

Example video of inside, efflorescence, mold, discolorment inside… eh

See that crap? And it leaked, the buyers weren’t told the facts! The water was getting into the hollow block walls through exterior cracks in block foundation walls, cracked parging etc, which CAUSED the efflorescence, mold on the inside blocks, that’s right Skippy.

In this business, the scammers, liars etc who misrepresent peoples problems for self-gain get the nice houses, the boats, the PLANES (lol) etc, the honest ones as far as i can see get Mac n Cheese once a week, i’m so grateful

Somebody said videos belong in, ‘exterior inspections’, okay here’s 1 for ya Bubba… but umm, since Chuck titled this ‘inside out’ maybe Milky the Clown should have put this on ‘interior inspections’, gee i dunno, i’m so confused

The term waterproofing in this situation is very misleading. It is a water catching system. Ideally, with this system a vapor barrier would be installed on the interior wall with weep holes drilled. This would allow the water to flow easily into the drain to a sump pump or external drain.

Hello Buck,

oh yes, the word waterproofing is very often used, misrepresented by most INT drainage system companies, some realtors, landscapers and so on for self-gain, it surely is.

short video examples, efflorescence in several areas on block foundation walls, hmmm, why is it there? lol

Same house, inside basement, efflorescence, some areas/walls have been painted so some of the efflorescence is not as visible as paint can sometimes hide, conceal some existing problems, defects

Some home inspectors and others get this twisted, effllorescence on inside block walls. I know they do because i have listened to many homeowners spanning decades who just bought a house with x-amount of efflorescence on interior block, brick foundation walls and were told, ‘Don’t worry about that’, and “Oh all you need to do is raise and slope the grade” and “Oh just have your driveway slabs mudjacked” , and so on.

Same house as i mentioned, we waterproofed 4 different areas around the house, ALL had 1 or more EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging etc in the block walls, THOSE were THE problems, they were WHY basement leaked and THE cause of much of the efflorescence, yes sir.
Here was the exterior front of the block wall…

:10 mark, a long exterior horizontal crack in block wall

:55 mark, vertical exterior crack

1:00 hole in block wall right under the gas line

1:25 exterior corner crack

those were why, where water was entering into the block wall, caused much of the efflorescence inside. We ‘only’ did the 4 areas because, those were the areas the homeowner said they leaked AND that is what they could barely afford at that point in time.

so, installing ANY type of interior basement drainage system does not waterproof the exterior cracks and some other exterior openings in video hence, these INT systems chumps do not ‘stop’ the water from entering the basement, they do not stop-prevent further mold or efflorescence on the basement walls and covering the wall with any sort of vapor barrier won’t do anything other than hide, conceal existing problems, JUST what many buyers were hoping for.

Yes sir Buck, they falsely claim quite a few things to bs homeowners for… self gain, oh yes they do.

They misrepresent, lie about homeowners problems and actual solution and they omit, obscure material facts which would otherwise enlighten and benefit the homeowners but nooo, wouldn’t want to do that, just claim whatever they need to, to get the job, yes sir.

So those who recommend to homeowners to, raise and slope the grade or mudjack slabs etc, are incompetent on this subject and they ARE hurting their clients who hired 'em.

And where is my new friend Dan at, have you seen him?