Basement mold

Janet Strand, says basement flooded by city’s sewer system.
Hmmmm. That may well have happened but water is also getting in the basement because-of, THROUGH, exterior cracks in those block walls.

4:30…onward, somebody used EPOXY on the inside block walls! Oh Dear.

Doing anything on the inside of the basement such as shooting some epoxy in wall cracks or filling those joints/cracks w/mortar etc does… nothing!
Applying anything on the inside does not repair/waterproof any of the EXTERIOR cracks in the block walls.

You must go outside to accomplish this, hello!
Your not going to keep water out of the block walls by doing anything on the inside of the basement because there are exterior cracks in the hollow block walls, say this a million times.

Example, exterior cracks in block walls
So one is not going to stop or prevent mold or efflorescence in basement if one doesn’t stop the water from where it’s actually penetrating.

If she also had a basement back-up then… THAT TOO needs to be addressed, of course. 2 different problems, 2 different solutions.

Like this lady… mold in basement
She had a 2-part problem, a 2 part moisture/water problem that led to the mold.

  1. water was entering this area of basement through exterior cracks and other exterior openings and she needed exterior waterproofing to STOP the water from entering.
  2. in the basement there is a door that leads to this room with mold that USED to be kept closed all the time, not enough air getting in there!

Had she opted to install ANY type of interior basement drainage system, the mold would have continued to get worse because interior systems don’t stop water from coming through exterior cracks etc in walls, hence, that’s one reason interior companies want to place sheeting or black membrane against the inside of basement wall

Bought a house, moved in, leaks and mold… flippers, not the fish!

he says, ‘the repairs are going to cost $30,000… including having a sump pump and drain tile installed…’

Don’t do that. looolll