Mold and efflorescence, Interior drainage system company says

1:47 and 2:10 … ‘What we do is cut the floor open… do a drainage system here and mold remediation’

If you want to stop the mold and efflorescence then you have to STOP the water from everywhere it’s entering, leaking inside etc… so apparently there are some plumbing problems but water is also entering
ABOVE grade and below grade THROUGH the block walls = exterior waterproofing is needed to stop the water that is entering through the block walls.

Installing his interior drainage system will NOT stop water that is entering through those block walls

Fix, repair whatever plumbing etc issues that are going on, fix, repair any–all above grade problems and the walls need ext–waterproofing done correctly. Is there a problem w/sump pump, who the hll knows but even if there is then THAT has nothing to do with water that is getting in through the damn B walls

So they’ll install their bs system and might cover–hide most or all of the block B walls on the inside with some cheap plastic or vinyl crap or maybe a dimpled membrane so the homeowner and next homeowner (and home inspector etc) won’t see the block walls, won’t see efflorescence or mold or discolorment on the inside of blocks… all this for how much money?