How are you using the Real Estate Dashboard (RED)

Are you getting more inspections or more office presentations using the Real Estate Dashboard for agents? Let us know how you are using this feature so others can learn how to grow agent loyalty using RED!

At Honor we use both the Online Scheduler and the Real Estate Dashboard. The Real Estate Dashboard or RED is used much more frequently as it is “Realtor Centric” we make it Quick and Easy for an agent to do business with us! It’s pretty awesome having inspections booked at 11:00 p.m. at night and getting a text to let me know :slight_smile:

I am still working on implementing this

You can hear me nagging you can’t you my friend?! :shock:

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I think I would like to get the dashboard out to the realtors. Does ISN have a mass email template that I could take a look at and use?


Sure do David. Navigate to Email, Get Templates and Containers and Check out the template tab. You will be looking for:

“Real Estate Professional Dashboard Notification”

Has a video been made to show agents how to use the dashboard?

HI Sheehan. We have videos to tell inspectors how the app works. But most inspectors want to customize a power point presentation for their target realtor agency and with their company logo. It makes for a better office presentation.

Michelle, I went to set up an automatic email in ISN but it would trigger the email every time I did an inspection for that agent. Is there a way to have an email sent only once so that if they get 1 email and start using RED it doesn’t continue to ask them to use it?

Hi Sheehan, You can email the agent through the order or, you can email the agent via a mass email. We recommend texting it to the agent while you are with them on site.

Email me at: if I can help more.

I tried the agent aquire for the 1st time the other day but not sure what it’s supposed to do. it sent the agent a text but no link for my app?

Hi Mike,
The agent acquire feature is meant to be a “quick add” of agent information. For example if you are at a presentation and meet an agent you haven’t worked with before, you can add them via the “agent acquire” and then send them the Real Estate Dashboard link.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Understood. it would be cool to just auto send the red to the agent when using the aquire feature.