Deck Stair

Deck Stairs (New Construction)

Unbelievable for new construction.
Don’t send these Carpenters my way Joe.

Nice pics.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Simply pitiful.

Joe you get all the good ones!

So other than poor construction is it unsafe?
Is it a deal blower?
Is it nit picking?

Once again, Joe goes the interesting ones.

Looks earth friendly, since they are recycling old pallets.


going for the weathered look:mrgreen: </IMG>

Besides the poor workmanship it looks like a 4" sphere will fit through just about anywhere.

Actually Brian from my deduction from the mathmatical calculations, the spacing is 3&1/4" - 3&1/2" space. Ha. ha. :slight_smile:

But everything else looks like crap.

Marcel :wink:

Apart from the 1 tread that is not properly fastened and the lack of a Code compliant handrail, I don’t see anything else wrong with the construction that can be considered a ‘defect’.

Perhaps Joe can further explain his concerns…

How sad. I hope the contractor gets whats coming to them.

Are you suggesting that you find the quality of the work to be acceptable?

Quality means different things to different people.

And I am not suggesting anything about ‘quality’ at all.

I was looking for ‘defects’ and I found only 2.

As a code inspector the only thing I can find ‘wrong’ with the stairs is the 1 half-tread that isn’t properly fastened and the lack of a proper handrail.

Otherwise what you see meets minimum code standards in Pennsylvania.

Code does not concern itself with quality, regulate ‘workmanship’, or is concerned with whether or not the lumber yard sends you crappy looking wood…

Fasten down the tread, add a handrail…

Move along people, nothing to see here…

Do you aspire to someday build homes that may exceed Minimally Acceptable Standards?

Joe, you must be having a very bad day, since I have come to expect much better from you.

So I will decline to answer and hope tomorrow finds you better refreshed and better able to address the challenges it will bring.

God bless.

Have a good rest.

And we’ll continue to meet as friends another day.

There is more to see here than you can obviously see, and I think most HI’s on this BB can see it. Too, bad you can not enjoy our extended vision of quality and standards.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Anyways, what is the going price for these puppies ?


Starting from $380,450


Actually, the 11" min run is not there, and yes it needs to be 11" in pa