How can this back deck float in air without posts? A 7'-wide balcony using 2" x 10"s?

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The roof of the front porch is held up by cantilevered RigidLams and so puts no load on the posts that are carried by the steel beams. They are merely held plumb by small metal brackets attaching the tops of the posts to the underside of the porch roof.

I was close but was thinking a commercial application not steel beams. Steel beams would not have been my pick for this design.

I was guessing beams running all the way thru the house, but I wouldn’t have guessed steel beams. By the time I scrolled to the end to put in my answer, I saw I had missed my opportunity :(.

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I was way to slow when you first posted but I was also thinking in the line of a possible continuous beam. From the photos you have provided it would seem that the elevated 12x12 post does not appear to be securely attached, even though they are notched for the beam to rest, what’s to keep the post from being kicked out in time, they are quite heavy.

The posts are bolted to treated 3" X 10"s spanning between the beam webs supported by the bottom flanges. And then the Trex is fastened to them.

Humility prevents me from revealing who designed and built this counterbalanced cantilever system for this mountain home. :wink:

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the girders are cantilevered

Cantalevered and the stell looks like wood with a veneered finish.

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Cantilevered decks all over Montreal.
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