How can this back deck float in air without posts? A 7'-wide balcony using 2" x 10"s?

It’s huge.

And the massive front porch posts are just floating on a bed of gravel. I can put my hand under them.

Anyone want to guess how the huge back deck that is floating in air and the massive front porch that is floating above a bed of gravel are related?

First person to guess correctly gets a free Deck Inspection book.

Winner also gets a full case of Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection books.](

Shipping free too.

Hollow core cement for the second floor and the posts are decorative only. Designed to hold even more load then a cantilever wood deck.


Here is a hint. The issue with the back deck and the issue with the front porch are connected.

The front porch posts are 12" x 12" solid wood BTW… very heavy.

The back deck railing is made entirely of steel BTW… very heavy.

Both back deck and front porch decking is of Trex BTW… very heavy.

Yet seemingly, they both float in air.

Winner also gets 10 free microwave oven leak detectors.

Winner must explain how the back deck and front porch issues are related.

Do the beams run all the way through the house and the front and rear support beams are the same pieces of wood?

Russell, you got it, only they are steel beams. You win. Pics coming next.

The second floor is continuous steel beams running from front to back and cantilevered. The front lower deck is hanging off of this with decorative posts to the ground.

Damn, Russel got it while is typing


I would like to thank the academy for this award…

Mom and Dad I could not have done it without your support…

The back deck and front porch are offsetting cantilevers, each supplying the counter balance for the other. The front porch posts don’t hold up the porch, the porch holds up the posts. Russell wins. I’ll ship your prizes on Monday.