How come why?

International Comfort Products Corporation condenser
Model # ACSO24A2C1, and, FBA024GC1, had two model #s listed.
Serial # L993228347

Question: With information that I have obtained from this MB regarding manufacture dates, the serial number holds the key, making this unit a 1999 year.

But my Carrier Blue Book goes by model number and makes this a 1996 year.

What to do? Play Frisbee with my Carrier Blue Book?

Carrier Blue Book and Prestons Guide, as well as others, don’t pin down an exact date of manufacture—rather they give a span of time during which these products were manufactured. In this case, beginning with 1996.

If your determination is 1999 it falls within an acceptable time span, and is probably accurate.

What do you need this information for?

Buying parts? Call a supplier.

No, I was trying to identify the age of a condenser unit for a client.

Do you mean that 1996 may have been the first year they produced this model number, but kept using the same model number for years to follow?

If so, my Carrier Blue Book would only tell me the first year possible, and not necessarily the actual year of manufacture.

Time to play Frisbee…

Something like that…