How concerned should I be with the venting?

I’m wondering how much of an issue my venting for our HRV is. It is located just a few inches off the ground and it clearly states it should be a minimum of 18 inches or 12 inches above the snow line. Our home is only 8 years old and we have had many problems throughout with or HVAC. I guess I’m wondering if I need someone independent to do a thorough inspection to make sure there isn’t any huge problem we need to address.

Where are you located?

You will not get much, if any, air if the venting is below the expected snow height.

Iowa. I can’t figure out why they would be placed so low to the ground knowing that we get snow. Is that strange that the builder or home inspector wouldn’t question it. Seems like a useless piece of equiptment for us. I don’t know if I should have it changed or if it’s even possible. Our home is brick.

Stick a plastic bag over your head. How important is it that you have free open air to breath? Seems to me you answered your own question, you just need to listen to your own advice!

Thanks for the feedback. Do you think it’s strange that no one (builder,hvac team, home inspector) had a problem with the location.

I gave up contemplating the incompetancy of others many years ago. I now use these examples as reminders of why I need to hold myself to the highest standards I can acheive and maintain, for my own clients benefit.

It’s an easy repair. Call a competant hvac company, explain your concerns, and move forward. Ain’t worth all the stress. Enjoy the holidays!

All you need to do is ad a vertical riser pipe and a 90 degree fitting. You could do it yourself for about $15.00.

Failing that just go out and clear the snow away from the vent pipes easy peasy.

Hope this helps.

That’s right, add a periscope vent. periscope vent