How did each of you hear of NACHI in the beginning

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"blew out his flip-flop, stepped on a pop-top, cut his heel, and had to cruise on back home"

I tried to remember the words but I couldn't.

I have a new tattoo, a real beauty, a Mexican cutie, how it got here I haven't a clue.

It that close? It's all coming back ... well, some of it is.

You've heard the saying 'if you can remember the '60s, your weren't there'? Well, I was there, but I can remember them, so I guess I wasn't *there*. Please pass another Diet Coke.

I live in South Florida, the Ft Lauderdale / Hollywood / Miami area.

Jerry Peck
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Much real work for our industry gets done on this message board when you really look back at all the threads and think about it. It really is amazing how much substance exists.

Nevertheless we crack a joke now and then and as long as it doesn't "stick" in other words as long as it doesn't run the whole thread into the ground. I kind of like the relief of a funny post imbedded within a serious thread. It's a nice break as long as we get back on topic thereafter.

All work and no play makes Nick a very dull boy... same is true for a thread.


PS We're working on making NACHI "certified" mean more and more every day Jerry. Thanks for pushing us.

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In regards to how I learned of NACHI, last spring I recieved an email from Nick inviting me to check out the NACHI web site. I came upon the NACHI site and was impressed with the information offered. I didn’t join right away though, I did visit the forum and other free areas for a while. Last Summer one of my Home Inspector friends told me they had joined. They had taken the online exam and told me their score. I guess I wanted to test my knowledge against theirs. Took the exam, did great, but still waited a month or so to join. By then the number of members had doubled. I suppose the biggest reason I decided to join was because I felt this organization actually gave me something in return for my membership dues. Thanks NACHI!

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I was on INSPECTIONNEWS.COM and also saw referances to NACHI. When I checked it out there was the first Canadian meeting scheduled for a few days later. Grabbed another inspector buddy of mine and we attended the meeting and joined the following day. Haven’t looked back since.


Paul Hinsperger
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While I was studying for the TX state licensing exam i searched the internet for HI study guides. Came across NACHI, used the online exam and all of the info on the BB to help study, passed the TX test, got licensed, joined NACHI, got in trouble my first day for posting a questionable picture, been learning and growing my business ever since.

I didn't know too much about HI orgs before joining up. But I figured any org. that has members who are so willing to help anyone that asks has got to be worth it. Thank you to everyone for helping the new guys.


Patrick Dacey
TREC # 6636

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I was taking a Home Inspection class and the instructor stated NACHI was a new HI org. that he did not know much about. I went home and did a search… The website popped up and I saw the online exam; wanting to test my knowledge I took it and passed. The next day I received an e-ail from Nick asking me to join. Did some more research regarding NACHI and quickly realized this was my best choice!

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I am new to home inspections and, of course, was familiar with ASHI, but had no opinion of it. I just assumed that was the way to go. I did know that there were many organinizations out there and wanted to research them further before making any commitment. I found NACHI while searching the internet and have been very impressed by what I have seen. The orgainization seems to offer so much more and everyone here seems to really want to help others in the business. Oh yeah, I called a guy from the local ASHI chapter over a week ago and still no reply from him.