Just a little on home owners opinions about HI orgs.

I found this on a community of apx 50,000 and growing, chat board…


Whoever you use, always make sure they are certified by the NACHI.
Sure is good to see that there are many smart people in this world that choose NACHI.

NACHI is an online certification. It’s the easiest certification to get in the home inspection
You think ASHI is better but you always come back to NACHI even though you got tossed out.
It is obvious how great your love of NACHI is even though you sit outside looking in.

You have helped to convince me how great NACHI is .
I will not be renewing my membership in ASHI.
You see I am a quicker learner then you.

Dan send me a private email and I will see what I can do to help you out of your difficulty with NACHI.

Always glad to help a fellow Inspector. Roy

Roy… Are still jealous that I’m over 5’ tall and have hair? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The quotes were made by residents of that community, I do not have a clue who stated nachi was the easiest to get " certified" with , not to mention nobody else stated ASHI or anybody else was better…:roll: :roll:

I have sorta wondered how many inspectors (generally, or percentage wise) belong to multiple representative organizations? Leafing through my local phone book, I see multiple logos on most of the home inspectors ads.

In my trade (electrical) I find some different benefits from various organizations, and as such, I belong to a few. I’ve never really considered them to be in competition with each other. Each one has different things that are good about them. Belonging to several is part of “keeping up appearances”, which has value also.

I do hope when you are over Seventy you can do as well as I do .
Every days Inspection is just like Christmas seeing how happy people are to get the home they deserve.
gee having been a member of ASHI North ( OAHI ) and how ASHI took me in so easy $70:00 I was not impressed in their methods.
Having seen what ASHI North( OAHI and what ASHI does for its members .
I am so Glad to be a NACHI member and so Glad NACHI allows our great Friends Like you to come into out BB and see how a GOOD association should be run and allow you to share my good fortune.
My boat sits in the water 5 minutes from here and I have great Walleye fishing and some of the finest Salmon Fishing in the world comming shortly.
When I leave this world I will have done the best I can all the time and have enjoyed life too its fullest with some Great Home inspectors at NACHI.
Incedently most of my family lived to their Ninties.

Nice reply Roy…:slight_smile:
I will admit when I see the active guys, in their late 60s and 70s at HI seminars or out in the field, I do respect them and only hope I can be as knowledgeable, healthy and active when I get to their age…

Thanks for the Complement Dan .
I always figured you where a great guy and seeing what others have posted about you I am sure you to have much to pass on to the up and comming newer Home Inspectors.
We are only going tis way once and need to enjoy it as much as possible .
Hate is not in my life .

Honestly from what I’m seeing there are far too many inspectors that , I guess, think they do not need additional information.

Perfect example… Last Thur PM Kaplin/ITA , had a FREE 1 hr. seminar with FREE food, less than 20 out of 1,000 AZ inspectors showed up.:frowning:
Same # showed up at prior seminar a few months ago…
I made the comment to a NACHI member present, where are all the other inspectors? the reply, I guess they think they know enough and need not attend…:frowning: :frowning:
The saying … You can only lead the horse to water, applys far to often in our profession…

This is so true We just had the biggest Home Inspection Conference In Toronto that Canada has ever had.
Three Days for $99:00 .
There was a lot of Americans and many Canadians .
But from my area a Seventy mile 1/2 circle we have over 100+ HIs .
I only saw less then ten.
This includes NACHI,OAHI, and none members.
Many have not taken any continuing education that I know of in their life.
One some said sorry too busy to take the time off.
Well I and Char worked Four Days for these who did not show.
For those who Came Love you all and we are pleased to have been able to help a little to make it the best Canadian Conference.
Char and I both have over 40 hours continuing education every year for many years some years more.
I guess that is the reason we can charge more and get more work then others .
Dan all we can do is what we know is proper , I guess this is one of the reasons why 90% of those who start Home Inspections do not last 3 years.
ASHI NORTH has about 200 RHI and 500 plus students and associate members plus all who do not belong.
They get about 150 +or- to their conferences .
Keep up the good work Dan with out You, me, and all the rest who care this would not be a great an industry as it is .
We know what we do is correct and can sleep well at night.

It’s called apathy!

I enjoy the educational events 1) because I always learn something, no matter what the topic is. and 2) I get to visit with other inspectors in the area. And the best thing, at these types of events, we (ashi/nachi) all seem to get along just fine. We are all just inspectors with one common goal. Oh, and Brian gets to bum smokes off Dan.

Ironic that Dan criticizes NACHI as being an Organization that accepts Everyone when he himself was discharged and is precluded from Renewal of Membership.


Thanx for the smoke Dan.:slight_smile:

Are you saying that there is no way Dan can ever be a NACHI member again.
I always felt NACHI is a most forgiving association

Good to see that there were NACHI Members in attendance as NACHI Members recognize the value of CEU.

No ASHI Members in attendance for you to converse with indicates the value ASHI Members place on CEU.

Well said Marc. I too belong to multiple orgs. for different benifits and reasons. I have never pinned one against the other like some feel compelled to do.

There were both ashi and nachi members there. Although, I believe a lot of the ashi members were the instructors and ITA staff. 5 or so NACHI members, maybe the same amount of ashi and, over half I think, were students, not yet licensed. So it was a balanced and friendly group.

No Joe… There were ASHI members present, the NACHI member that I was conversing with was cuter than the ASHI members:p :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as ASHI members placing value on CE… The majority of them do attend some or all our 4 annual, one and two day seminars, and many show up for the free bi-monthly ones once they get scheduled again…

Now there is a testimonial…

NACHI Members are cuter than ASHI Members…

:smiley: :smiley:

Another NACHI member benefit for Nick to list…:smiley: :smiley:

In my opinion NACHI and NICK with out a doubt are most certainly the best thing to have happened to the Home Inspection Industry.
This industry would have gone no where with out NACHI.
It has caused the other associations to see they must improve in all directions if they wish to grow .
They have to learn and treat their members properly or they will just stagnate and wither.
Like Nick and NACHi or not ,most see how much good it has done and how NACHI and its members have certainly helped to show what is needed .
This BB has helped all HIs even those who never come hear by raising the standards and will continue to prosper in the future.
Thanks to all the NACHI members who have helped all Home inspectors every where.