Newbie Question

As all can see, I am brand new to this BBS and to the Home Inspection business as well, although I am actively looking to enter the field, firston a part-time basis, then full-time after I retire from my ‘day job’. I’ve looked around the web quite a bit, obviously finding NACHI, but also ASHI. I’m guessing there is likely some ‘friendly competition’ between the groups, but I’d llike to hear from some about what the true differences really are and why I should select one or the other (or both?) to support my entry into the business.

Just read the web site. That is what sold me on NACHI. I would not trade this for any other org.


You’re opening a huge can of worms on this subject which has been asked many times over. I will always be a NACHI member for thousands of reasons.

Start reading here…

Many, many reasons. is just one reason.

Frank, as a neutral party on this site (I sell E&O and Liability Insurance to Inspectors of any association), you might be asking some biased people. I guess it would be like me going to Boston and asking people at Fenway Park if I should start cheering for the Yankees or the Sox.

In Boston, cheering the Yankees will get your car torched. I know, I’m from there!

Anywho- Frank, I am a member of ASHI (just recently) and will soon be a member of NACHI. Here, you will hear NACHI NACHI NACHI; there, you will hear ASHI ASHI ASHI. However, NACHI does have more benefits, period. Sadly, ASHI is recognized more by realtors, from what I have noticed (NACHI-you need to do something about that.) It won’t hurt being a member of both, however.


Welcome to one of MY WORLDs

It would be nice if you would complete your profile so we at least know where you are from. Located in the Control Panel link.

I for one would not belong to any organization that did not offer local or state meetings that I can attend for networking with peers and other RE related groups, continuing education, and fellowship among other things.

NACHI offers most if not all of this online and many of my esteemed colleagues on this board have helped in ways they may never realize and I believe I am a better inspector because of this.

I’ve never had a PM, posting, or phone call go unanswered.

May not have been what I wanted to hear but every one has been answered.

Russel’s wise old grandmother telepathically told me three things, even before I knew Russel, that I try and live by.

  1. What you put into it is what you will get out of it.
  2. There are two examples I can project. One to grow towards and one to grow away from.
  3. The only thing I can ever change about another person is their opinion of me. That is accomplished by my actions and my attitude.

I wish you the best in your new career and with the association of your choosing.

P.S. Remember you are always welcome here whether you’re a member or not.


This statement by Barry is one of the deciding factors of why I chose NACHI.

Not sure how long you have been around the NACHI MB, but all are welcome. Even disgruntled ex-NACHI members can’t stay away. There is so much excellant information shared here. Yes, we have our “heated” debates, and it does get quite “hot” at times, but, everyone is family here. We all learn and grow, with the help of our bretheran. Member or ex-member or general public.

Go to ASHI’s MB…check it out…

Oh…that’s right, you can’t…

It’s for members only…sorry general public!

As for the InspectionNews MB…well…it is moderated…sorry free speech!

As for choosing between ASHI and NACHI…it is a personal and business decision you will need to make. Where do you feel comfortable at? I know of many very capable and decent ASHI members. The same holds true for most other Associations.

I second Barry’s wishes…the best to you and good luck…wherever you choose to call home.


Don’t base your decision on what members in either org. say, but rather on what you need to succeed. But consider the age of nachi compared to ashi, then compare the numbers, they speak volumes. It is not even a contest on benefits, Ashi can’t touch Nachi on quantity or quality. M2CW

You folks are bought and paid for…

Lets be honest… NACHI will help you in the start up phase as long as there are not folks in your area that have a 4 year head start, like me… I will not finish the rest of my story, but it is obvious that if you are 4 years behind the Database, well then you are :(:frowning:


So that’s what she was doing that night I couldn’t contact her! :margarit:

Hey, Frank.


I tried everything I knew about during my first year in business: ASHI, CREIA, SPREI, HIF, AAHI, NAHI, and FREA. None of them fit my psyche. For six months I was association-less. Then I found NACHI and joined on March 23, 2003. As my wise ol’ grandmother said, “The rest is history.”

If you need help getting started check out the Marketing Forum, both the archives and the current forums. Also, I run a more specialized (less contentious/combative) marketing think tank where most of the members are NACHI members. You do have to register, but it’s free. I do moderate it to keep it focused on marketing (i.e., no sex, religion, politics, etc.)

Interesting place to start. :margarit:

I had a WALK Client last week that bought and paid for me. We had tons of jalapeno nachos and grrrrrrrrrrandy rrrrrrrrrrraspberry swirl margaritas at On The Border, just down the street from the neighborhood where we were doing 13 WALK inspections. He loved my vision for the properties that he was interested in. He’s got a purchase offer in on one and we have a BASIC inspection scheduled on it for next Tuesday.

Huh? I had folks here who had a 25-year head start on me.

P.S. (Mr Jade Plant just finished blooming a couple of weeks ago.)

Many thanks to all who have responded so far. I’ve been looking around the web site for a few weeks now, looking at this board, and now have read through some of the material suggested in the replies above. Not surprisingly, I am finding what I find on other member boards, whether the subject is timeshares, cruises, etc. - a lot of controversy and strong opinions about whatever people are most familiar with. No surprise there - if you ask most people which brand of car is the best, they will most often tell you is is the brand they own!

Some requested a little more information about me and my location. OK - here goes. I am an Electical Engineer, registered in Georgia, and live in a small town in central Georgia about 100 miles from Atlanta. For about the last 40 years I have worked in heavy industry, mostly involved in engineering, maintenance, construction and project management activities. I hope to retire in a couple of years, but cannot imagine not having some worthwhile work to do between vacations. With respect to the home inspection business, so far I have located no chapter meetings (any organization) withing a reasonable driving distance; in addition, it appears that most home inspections that are done here are performed by people from at least 50 miles away. As far as I can tell from discussions with local realtors, only a certain percentage of home buyers have inspections done, as they are not necesarily required by all the local lending institutions. I would love to go along with some experienced inspectors on some of thier jobs, but imagine most in my area would not welcome new competition.

Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!

NACHI’s Internet presence solves that problem. That’s why I’ve been with NACHI for so long. CREIA and ASHI were the only two here who had chapter meetings, and the oldies treated the newbies like dirt, obviously because they didn’t want the new competition. I like to help people succeed, so CREIA and ASHI didn’t fit me. NACHI does.

I understand what you mean. I am a heavy web user myself, so all the web-based support will probably suit me fine.

On another note, when looking through some of the other threads on this subject, I have seen a lot of discussion about the detailed differences between membership requirements, levels of membership, etc. and why one approach is better than the other. However, with the exception of some realtors, I doubt that most people outside the inspection community really know much about who the origanizations are or how their membership levels and requirements differ. Simply being able to tell someone that you are a member of a national industry organization will give most of the general public the confidence they are looking for.


In six years, I can count on my hands the number of times that I’ve even been asked about membership in any association, much less which one.

You are going to find a lot of heated discussions on this site but, when a person asks a HI question you are going to find that the guys and gals at NACHI will jump to give you the answer you are looking for. These are the best people of any organization you will find.
When I joined NACHI I was impressed with all of the helpfull information on this board.
We argue but that is what makes us stronger. Nick keeps NACHI growing. He works for us 24-7 with marketing and benefits. Just take a look at the NACHITV that has come on line. I do not think he sleeps at all.
Listen to RR and JB and the others and life gets better.