How do i identify solid aluminum wiring if i cant remove the dead front

I was wondering during a inspection I it says the inspector is to look for solid aluminum wiring but it also says to not remove the dead cover of the electric panel. just wanted to get more feedback on this situation

Welcome Nevin!! I am not sure where you get the “do not remove” the panel cover, as opposed to not being “required” to do so. In most instances, HIs will remove them unless it’s restricted or unsafe to do so.


Who is telling You not to remove the dead front ?..cant tell much with the cover on…You can also pull an outlet or two if You are comfortable with that…


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thank you Larry

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The SOP states “is not required” to remove cover. It doesn’t state “shall not to remove” cover.

Personally, I open every panel cover that I physically can as long as it’s safe to do it.

Home Inspection Standards of Practice - InterNACHI®
IV. The inspector is not required to:

  1. insert any tool, probe or device into the main panelboard, sub-panels, distribution panelboards, or electrical fixtures.
  2. operate electrical systems that are shut down.
  3. remove panelboard cabinet covers or dead fronts.

A home inspector is not required to remove the dead front (the front cover) of any electrical panel or box. The image above is a panel cover. Removing it is hazardous. InterNACHI does NOT require and does NOT recommend home inspectors to remove the dead front (the front cover).

It is not required and NACHI kinda has to tell you they don’t recommend it because they need to protect their own butts if you decide to sue them.


You just discovered one of the thousands of ‘Catch 22’ scenarios that we deal with every day!
Welcome to professional home inspecting!


Ok thank you i did see it says many inspectors go above the standard on this topic. but there is alot of contradicting things like inspect for solid aluminum wiring but dont remove the dead front. Yes i do understand the legal side but just wanted to hear what everyone else had to say. ty for the feed back

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Thank you for the feed back and yes alot of catch 22 situations

That’s why it’s so freakin’ fun!! :wink:


sounds like a legal mess. so im new the the business and was wondering is lawsuites a common thing. and have you had to deal with any situations

From my non-scientific observations, 95% of inspectors remove the dead front. As noted above, you can also look for aluminum behind receptacle and switch cover plates.


Unless you’re located in… I think… Ohio.
There’s been a lot of crap discussions over the last few years about THAT state. :wink:


yea im from ohio and there is alot of county to county differences

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careful now ,one nut job does not make up the whole state… :crazy_face:


I wonder whatever happened to our favorite “I’ll turn you in if you open a panel” Self proclaimed State Certified Electrical inspector?

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maybe He joined the circus…he was quite the clown…


Not in my world.
26+ years and going, and the worst I ever had to deal with was a drunk selling agent and her office mate/contractor/boyfriend (who was also drunk) calling me at 9 pm bitching and threatening me over my calling out a basement window NOT being sized properly for Egress.
They demanded I meet with them and the AHJ inspector at the house so he could prove me wrong. (Can you say “small town, good-old-boy network, and drinking buddy’s”)??
They called one after the other, I hung up them, then drafted a ‘demand letter’ of my own and sent it Certified Mail. Never heard from them again!!