How do I show off the camera

Next month I have a booth at an expo as an affiliate member of a board of realtors. I want to use my camera to attract business. I was going to take a small piece of drywall with a water bottle and a hair dryer. I was hoping for input (better ideas) from others.

Got any pictures in what you have found with it? if so blow them up ,use a cold drink half full. Have a piece of dry wall let them put their hand on it and scan after they take it off.

Gary, Im assuming your talking thermal camera here:) Be prepared to scare as many or more Realtors than you attract. I find them as much afraid of the information as enlightened by it. (at least in my area)

Michael’s right, agents need to be shown how this can help by giving the buyer more confidence in the house, not how much more you can find. Keep it positive and they will support the technology.

Yes it can be a great way to highlight the energy efficient homes, but it may scare the agents when they realize that it also will highlight the flaws in energy efficiency. They don’t need another reason NOT to buy a house. It is such a great tool for the people working on the house, but it needs to be marketed the right way for the sale of the house.

Have a read of this regarding agents and infrared cameras…