Realtor Acceptance

Question for inspectors using thermal imaging cameras during a home inspection. Has anyone experienced negative reactions from real estate agents resulting from the use of the camera? I can just imagine that some will not be happy when you walk in with camera in hand! And yes, I know we are serving our clients, not the agent.

Hi john I have been doing IR with my inspection for over a year now. Yup Selling agents and Seller do not like it at all… a lot of it is they do not under stand it and the ones that do under stand it still do not like it. We as inspector only want to inspect and find stuff. The agent only wants to sell something. Kind of like water and oil. just will not mix.

I just don’t see this moving one way or the other for some time.



Hey John,

We work with numerous agents on a regular basis. They all really like the camera and think it’s a great tool. We use it mostly for finding hidden moisture. We don’t call out every piece of displaced insulation or air seepage around a door. Our focus is on water intrusion and electrical.

A very common reaction I have gotton from many builders (new construction).

“Gee. We can’t get away with anything, anymore.”

Found a big house (Toll Brothers) during the warranty inspection with 2 walls that had NO insulation. The builder’s rep kept denying any problem. I looked at the owner (we had talked before) and got a nod, so I punched through the drywall. NOTHING in the stud bay. Turned to the builder’s rep and asked “How many more areas do you want me to check?”

Toll Brothers, now, offically hates me.

But, I get a lot of warranty inspections.

Hope this helps;

very nice Will…

I do not use my IR camera on every home, but when I do break it out, the Realtor’s love seeing what the camera can do.

I haven’t had any negative reactions from the agents yet, but if I do… I could care less. I work for my client, not the Realtor.

From what I’ve seen, the negative comments certainly had to have originated from a home inspection company that feels the need to justify their non-use by spreading falsehoods about the technology.

On my end, realtors love it. The trick is knowing what you’re doing with it. Once they realize how it benefits them, they wouldn’t want a standard inspection. I won’t perform an inspection without IR.