How do I test for Meth Use in the Apt. Next Door?

I strongly suspect my next door neighbors (same floor) are cooking meth and need to find a highly sensitive test to confirm my hunch. I base this on a crackling sound coming from a HVAC utility closet which faces my same closet, elaborate covering of windows, a truck which unloads heavy boxes to the apt. and unloads copious amount of garbage which they dispose of off property. My apt. has a very faint smell but I cannot identify it as burning plastic, burning electric, nail polish or ammonia (all smells I have read to suspect). The smell makes me sick and I get headaches. The smell is concentrated in the utility closet where the individual apt. furnaces are, which scares the crap out of me from a danger point of view. Our apts do not share the same ventiliation but I think it does seep through that closet. I hear the snap, crackle, pop noise from there about 3 times a day.
What test is sensitive enough to confirm low levels of meth in my closet and/or air samples? I am not willing at this point to call the police unless I move out first. Meth dealers I’ve read are VERY dangerous people and the signs of addiction include aggressive behavior. Is there a swab test I can use anywhere? On their door knob, etc? I will make sure it is reported but only when I am safe. I am living with a friend outside the bldg. for now. By the way, this is an upscale complex in a very cozy suburb!*?

There is not test for the presence of airborne meth. Call the police if you feel your life is in danger. You don’t have to give your name. let them know what you have seen,heard and the smells. It does sound like a meth lab by what you are discribing.
Sorry I can’t be more help.

From your description (snapping, crackling sound; odor differing from common methamphetamine smells), this may be crack cocaine instead of meth. Either way, you are right to hesitate to call police, as sad as this is to say, because the neighbor will learn who called, and crack users are almost as likely to become aggressive as meth users.

Best thing is let the police handle it, it may take some time but be persistent .

Any update, MethApt?

You also have the responsibility to report your suspicions to the Apartment Manager. There are more lives than yours at stake. Your failure to act could come back to haunt you.

Get the police involved ASAP

Pay phones still exist. Call from one and don’t let them know who you are. You will be fine.

The next time you get the smell…call dispatch…

The police will come out …investigate the smell

And that is enough for probable cause

They will knock on the door next store…

Call the fire department, gas smell or burning smell is a reasonable cause to call. They will follow smell then bring in police from what they see. A round about method to get to where you want to go.

I’m sure by now he’s shooting up half gram shards with the neighbors. Hope he don’t forget to breathe

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