Clear Roof

Found this condition, realtor stated that they had a roof clearence already, any comments on this one…

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Looks like the roofer did the best he/she could do with what they had to work with.
The vent should have never been stubbed out that close to the valley.
Lets blame the plumber for this one.Also the builder for not making the plumber change it.
The vent could still be relocated but then you run the risk of creating a leak you didn’t have in the first place.If the homeowner is planning on re-roofing they may want to consider moving the vent at that time.

Looking at the pic. again.
Is there a split in the upper left on the pipe flange?? Or is it a stick ?

its just a stick… This one is actually difficult to write up, I know the vent pipe is located in a poor location, so how would you write it up?

I would be more concerned if that house was in MO. or KS. (or any area that gets snow and ice for that matter).But you’re in sunny California.
If it isn’t leaking, I might say something like “appears serviceable” but there is concern that the vent pipe is stubbed out too close to the valley and could result in premature flashing failure thus a leak.Relocating the vent pipe should be a consideration when it is time to re-roof.
Show the homeowner your photo’s to help them understand your professional opinion.
I’ve found, in most cases, when I point out a minor defect it generally doesn’t get fixed unless it is not working.I still have to point it out to cover my bases.

If it doesnt leak now it will in the future. Poor install. Poor Builder.
Good luck getting it fixed. I agree, note it, defer it and get the monkey of your back.

( Vent pipe incorrect installation further evaluation by qualified person ).

Not my job to tell them how to fix it . I see it is wrong write it up move on .

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Maybe my eyes deceive me but it looks like the valley flashing was installed on “TOP” of the shakes?