How do you test this?

Looked it up. GE hard wired made to function with the secruity system. NO test button anywhere. Is there a way to test this type of detector?

I don’t test any smoke detectors when there is an alarm system present in the house. Sometimes they are monitored and fire is an automatic call for service unlike a window or door opening where the alarm company calls for verification first. I don’t want to pay the $50 fine for a false alarm because the agent doesn’t know the code.

I don’t need to know what you don’t do Steven, I want to know if anyone knows if these are testable. Obviously you are in the same boat im in.

Anyone else??

Looks to me like heat detector The best way to test them is a 150 watt spot light they are I think various temp but usually 135° f will set them off . There should be a zoned control panel to tell what zone the fire is in .
Been 30+ years since I have had any thing to do with them… Roy

Sean, from what I could find, they have built in self-diagnostics when they are hooked up to a security system.
Most likely sends a trouble signal through the alarm panel when something is wrong. Similar to Commercial detectors. Panel shows a trouble light in the panel and calls it in as a trouble.

Description The ESL 500 Series self-diagnostic, two- and four-wire photoelectric smoke detectors are the industry’s first conventional direct-wire smoke detectors with analog features such as drift compensation, multi-criteria detection and remote maintenance/trouble reporting (CleanMe). The 500 Series continually monitor their own sensitivity and operational status, and provide a visual indication if they drift out of the sensitivity range or fail internal diagnostics. The 521 Series also can send a signal (CleanMe) to any compatible control panel, allowing the dealer/installer to schedule a service call and avoid a false alarm. UL, ULC, CSFM Features and Benefits • CleanMe - remote maintenance reporting reduces false alarms (2-wire detectors only) • Smart dual fixed/rate of rise heats work with photo chamber to catch fires faster • Built-in drift compensation reduces false alarms • Field replaceable optical chamber makes servicing a snap • Small, low profile design blends in with any environment • See ESL Compatibility Index or call Sentrol Technical Support for panel compatibility

Disconnect or tamper with it
when the Fire Company shows up…
you will know it works…

Hold a match up to it. :smiley:

for that man that can’t “just say no

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Thats what I found too marcel. The security system was not connected yet. I have never dealt with this type of detector so didnt want to miss something.


Like Barry said.