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Water heater vent, out the basement wall, attached with binding straps

The termination should be above the roof line for starters. . .

add in improper support and clearance.


I’m a licensed plumber and owner of a plumbing company in Chicago and our code doesnt allow ametal termination on the side of home. You can use a high effeciency unit with blower motor water heater and install pvc to side of home. In fact that is exactly what the specs call for. Jeff is definitely right about that application. It needs to go above the roof. Your areas code will dictate. In plumbing the local area supercedes all federal codes. Generally they are much stricter. Contact me if you need more help.

Thanks Jim, I appreciate your willingness to help.

I had never seen a direct vent go out a foundation wall like that. (power vents only) I don’t have any narratives for it. What I ended up doing is noting that the vent had improper clearance and support and recommended repair. I used a graphic from the NACHI library as a reference.


If closer than 8’ from the wall, it must extend 24" above the roof.

Mike ,Dave~

Those are both awesome. I love the library. I use quite a few of the graphics for my blog service.

Smart. The is under-utilized for marketing purposes.

Nick ~

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Nick, I am just starting to use these as illustrations of proper installs inside my reports. Thanks for a VAST graphic library with Lots of uses.

Also keep in mind - kids playing around a hot vent pipe.