How is my roof on my house in Japan?

I am building a house here in Japan and I am not completly satisfied with the look of the roof. Maybe I just don’t know what I am looking at or just being a worry wart. What do you think? I put some pictures up on my homepage. If you see any problems please let me know.
Here is the link but the board doesn’t like my link name so you need to replace the **** with s h i t without the spaces of course(its just part of a japanese name- s hita means under)****asteve/PhotoAlbum76.html

And by the way I am not the roofer. We had “pros” do it but I am less than happy with it and would just like some second and third opinions about it. Then I will complain to the contractor. There are a few things that I think are not right but I am not a roofer. So I would like some honest opinions. I am in Japan and the inspection by the government is surely lacking but the house is a Canadian imported home by Viceroy so it should pretty good.

The link works well and very nice pictures. #10 shows a shingle not laying flat - why? The flashings look good. The metal structure will (likely) be a thorn in the side of a future owner as anything abrasive on the shingles surfaces will accelerate breakdown. Many shingles “seams” are very near the seams just above or below and can be cause for concern - a steep slope roof reduces the concern somewhat. The elevated portions of the ridge lines are “ridge vents” and look normal. The ridge shingles should not be lapped “into” the prevailing winds.

I too am not a roofer - just passing on some of my training. I will be equally interested in the comments of some of our NACHI experts. Good luck to you!

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is the hip and ridge shingles that concern me the most. They seem to not lie flat and they are not perfect straight. They meander a bit.