How long did it take to get your first call? Email?

I’m curious to know, how long after your website was up, you got your first clients? What do you think contributed to this success/mishap? If you were able to do it again, what would you do differently?

Luis E. Velez Jr.

Keep working on it [seo] and it takes time but snowballs if your foot keeps heavy on the throttle.

Just imagine what you would do if looking.

SEO is really pretty simple when it comes to your website. Set it up one time then it’s a waiting game. In the meantime do a blog, facebook, linkedin ect. Oh yea don’t forget visit agent offices every month. So far my stuff is still sitting around when we recheck. Takes time in this business but if you hit it hard and depending on your area (small or large) you will see steady business every month. Expect your website to do the trick and don’t lick the entire pie then you can expect to be slow for a long time.

Thanks guys,

My foot is so far down the throttle I might be a Flintstone! I’m doing everything I can, with the exception of visiting agents; however, I will be visiting this month. My website keeps changing and it’s amazing how much information there is on SEO and differing opinions. Especially when it comes URL’s.

Again, thank you for the input, I value your opinions and will keep at it.


2 weeks, but it wasn’t from by website. I went out and met agents.

Do not wait for the phone to ring, make it ring.
Get out there, do whatever it takes to get established.

Make $50 off coupons, go to realtor offices, open houses, do a few for free. Go man go!!!

You have to push your website with printed marketing pieces:

I’m familiar with the materials and will be placing an order either tonight or tomorrow. I like the idea of $50 off coupon. I get quite a bit of traffic from Yelp but they want too much of my percentage to make it worth it. Does anyone recommend a scheduling app or took or simply google calendar? I mean it’s free, just thinking of ways for potential clients to book inspections online. Didn’t like the one I was using before.

Read all threads pertaining to marketing by Russel Ray, he has a very good inspection coupon marketing technique. Raise your price a tad to compensate for coupon.

It took me about 5 weeks. But I started when real estate was not selling very well in 2010. I didn’t know any realtors.

You need to make your phone ring. Join the Realtors Association. Visit their offices. Hit the pavement! I didn’t offer discount coupons (I did discount a few though) or other “incentives”.

Some on here will say not to market to the realtors. That is fine for some. If you want your phone to ring you will need to market to them. You don’t have to get on your knees or anything like that. Just build professional relationships.

Hang in there!

I started by just handing our brochures at realtor offices, and it took about 3 days to get my first call. But it wasn’t until after I put my website up that I started stay continuously busy.

about a full year. coupons worked well. Offer deep discounts. I also did punch list repairs from other inspectors in the beginning. I had another full time job when I started so I did not have time to aggressively seek out business. Only a small group of Realtors gave me a shot and I had to do a couple freebies to get in with them. I really dont know how a guy could start up all on his own without an income from other sources. Especially if you have a family. I started doing inspections to supplement my 215/ week child support payments and never thought I would quit my day job. My last day there was the end of March 2013 and I have never been happier.

Bret writes:

Same for me.

David Macy writes:


It took me 23 days to book my first inspection. I visited all the RE offices locally, then in some remote places 50 miles away, and got three in a row. I still make monthly visits to that area, talk to loan officers, lawyers, the people in the GoMart, everyone.

After my website was up and running, it took about 2 months for it to start getting some calls from it, but you can never let up on personal marketing to banks, lawyers, RE agents, anyone who will listen.

The phone will eventually ring. You will have to keep it ringing.

I’m new as I didn’t really start inspecting until after the holidays. my website is only a 4 weeks old but I got 3 last week and 2 calls one job this week so far. No complaints but would like to do 5 a week plus my 203K write ups.

More than that I will need to get faster and better.

That is my only hangup.
I actually have a reputation for details and trying to speed up is converse to the rep.

Catch 22.

Face breaking out like a teenager from stress some days.

Heck everytime I try shortcuts I feel guilty like I am cheating.

Two hours. I started at $199, visited an office, dropped off some flyers, and my phone started ringing. I did not have a web site until my 3rd year in business.

From 1976 till 1983 it was just part-time AS a favor for people while building OR being an hvac contractor. Didn’t have cards, brochures, flyers, answering service, or cell phone. Then lenders, agents, etc started calling and by 1983 I’d decided to go at it FULL-TIME. Looked around … Found a HI school in DC, went out there for a week, there were about 68 guys from up and down the east coast in my class.

When I came back … made up brochures, cards, flyers, etc AND hit the bricks. There was no internet, etc. It was face-to-face; belly-to-belly, cold calling. Asking for meetings OR to come do office presentations AND explaining what a home inspection was AND why it could possibly help a Realtor vs HURT them when everybody knew we did NOT have BUYERS agents AND it was BUYER BEWARE tactics.

At that time I was in a 120,000 population college town AND even twice a month ran display ads in the local newspaper. 1/6th page ad for $74 p/insertion. I went to hospitals AND the HR departments of some biggie employers moving people in from LAX, New York, Texas, etc … They were much more interested than local Realtors. I got lined up with 4-5 National Relocation Companies to do ERC inspections, etc, etc

It took about 2 months to get the 1st job. It took 3 years to hit 150 inspections a yr.

Every day it doesn’t ring, go do it. Like stated above, go to REA offices and hand out brochures, stop in at open houses, blog…