How long did it take you...

I’m part way through my certification courses and I seem to be getting through them fairly quick. Just wondering how long it took some of you folks to learn and comprehend everything in the course? Did you go back over certain parts of the course the went completely understandable the first time?

Obviously it takes ‘as long as it takes’ just trying to make sure I’m not unintentionally moving to quickly.

If you’re not achieving a score of 100% on every exam, you’re moving too fast or not totally comprehending the content, or both!

Anything I have not hit 100 percent on first time around intend to go back and redo that portion of the course . I find that sometimes further ahead in another course I read something that helps make sense of something I didn’t completely understand in a previous course.

Agreed. Although sometimes it is also good in the future to go back and take the test… see if you still get 100% six months or two years later. You may… you may not… and if you do not maybe time to review entire course again. One can not learn too much… and if we do not see a particular item often or sometimes at all… we do all forget over time.

Also, the courses evolve over time. They are constantly getting broader and deeper in content. So feel free to repeat courses after a few years. They are great refreshers and contain new information.