One Ladder or Two?

Getting ready for my ladder purchase - debating between:

12.5’ Xtend & Climb for outside AND inside
13’ Werner/Little Giant for outside
12.5’ Xtend & Climb for inside

Are HIs happy using a telescoping ladder outside for daily use?

For single-story climbing, do you need more than a 12’-13’ ladder?

We have 28ft Werner, 17ft Little Giant, and 10.5 ft Xtend and Climb

I use a 28 footer with ridge hooks a 22 footer a 6 footer a 2 step fold up for short people and a pair of Jesus shoes;-)

I use a 24’ extension, 13’ little giant and a 4’ step, no telescoping ladder.

How are you planning to inspect two story roofs??

17 ft Ladder, spectroscope, drone.

Little Giant 22’ and a 13’.
I also have other longer ones if I need them, but those two are always in my truck.

24’ extension ladder and 6 foot step ladder.

I have a 21 foot folding ladder but I hate to use it-it’s a finger pincher!!

I’m gonna do away with the extension get a telescoping ladder soon.

#1 Priority… SAFETY.

Whatever you decide to purchase, buy QUALITY. Your life depends on it!

Could not agree more.I see guys that have these Cheap ladders that are falling apart and wonder when they are going to break there necks. Go big or go home.
I have a 19’ little giant and a six foot fiberglass folding in my truck at all times. I used to carry a 28’ on a rack but took it off as I never used it. If I need it I can throw it on.

Why buy 2 xtend and climbs the same size? I use a 15.5 xtend and climb and a 13ft Werner/Little Giant. I like the telescoping ladder to go past the roof line a couple feet for getting off the roof.I do have a 24 at home but with the kick out that wont get me up to most two stories anyway.Very rarely need it.

The correct answer is 3.:mrgreen:

20’ and 28’ extension ladders
15.5’ Xtend & Climb
6’ step ladder

Works for me…

The majority of the homes in my area are single story. I will probably go with a 13’ Werner/Little Giant and a 15.5’ Xtend and Climb.

If you go with a 17’ Werner telescoping you wouldn’t need the Xtend & Climb.

That’s all I use at 95% of my inspections.

No, sometimes you need a step ladder.

Filters in the middle of a room, etc…How does your telescoping handle that?


Maybe I should have been more clear. A telescoping Multi-Position ladder.

Nix the 13 footer, it’s just too short.

Go with the LG 22, it’s the best overall size 95% of the time for our market (I’m in Orlando).


Well said.

It only takes once.

We carry a 28ft extension, 12 ft tele, and a 17 ft fold up.