Took a nasty fall this week when my telesteps ladder failed. Surgery will be required to repair my shoulder. In the mean time I need to replace the ladder. the problem is, my truck box is 5.5 feet. I use a little giant for an extension ladder and was using a telesteps step ladder indoors. Any recommendations?

John sorry to see this.
At what point do all these guys claiming they are safe who encourage others to use this dangerous ladder type stop being senseless.

How can Inspectors that call out safety issues keep getting others injured by posting false information that they are safe as any other ladder when judging from the posts here over the years they are not?

Maybe it is time for NACHI to make an official statement on these things.

The only ladder I ever owned Little Giant 17 ft. Closed up is 55 Inches .

We have one Canadian who spent many months in Hospital .
Not allowed to talk about it as he received $$$$$$$$$$ .$$ and SHHHH.

I have never used the telestep type of ladder so I can’t comment on them. I use a little giant inside and outside. No problems.

Sorry to hear about your fall John.

I use a Little Giant inside and outside.

no idea how good this ladder is . Looks similar to a little giant .


all tools need to be operated as instructions specify & inspected before each use

many i’ve seen post negatively won’t admit “operator error or equipment neglect”

i’ve used xtend & climb heavy duty 12.5’ & 15.5’ for 10+ yrs without incident

if your overweight or abuse any equipment will fail

Roy, Harbor Freight is great for a lot of things but I would never trust them with my ladder. IMHO I don’t think something that could kill you very easily should be left up to the “cheap” option.

Little giant and werner all the way for me. Little giant for my 22’ multi potions ladder and werner for 29’.

Thanks for the INFO my ladder bought in 1998 is a little Giant 17 ft. light weight . I do not think it is made any more still works perfect.

Great ladder

That’s terrible to hear. I wish you a speedy recovery!

If you have a truck, what about a small ladder rack? I still have stepladders and extension ladders, as I’ve not been one to step out over the edge so to speak on one of the folding ladders. I realize the older letters are heavy, cumbersome and inconvenient at times, but there’s so many other things to worry about, I’ve been a bit nervous to drive a smaller vehicle and folding ladders. Not to mention, that at least here in the US, an injury such as that on a real estate transaction could result in liability for parties other than those who are hurt.

So, that would be my advice is to see about a rack and a full-size set of ladders.

I hope you heal up 100%

I too use a Little Giant 17ft. It works fine. Before I bought it though, I bought a telescoping ladder. I found the telescoping ladder awkward to use, then I read some reviews that criticized it. For those two reasons I bought the Little Giant.

The telescoping ladder is still in the box in my garage has never been used. Will sell it one day.

Question for you guys using a Little Giant, I got a Little Giant knock off when I first started, it was SO HEAVY I was soon in the market for a new ladder, since I couldn’t get my hands on a Little Giant, I went with a Werner 16 ft extension ladder that has 3 extensions. It’s plenty light enough, but I’m still interested in getting a Little Giant, anybody know what the weight of say the 16 or 17 ft one is? I like my new Werner as it comes with a handle that works GREAT when it’s all folded up. It folds up to like 5 foot, small enough that my new Jeep Patriot with the seats down can lug it inside. (I’m looking at getting the luggage rack bars to put it on top…I just LOVE how configurable the Little Giant is though…

Little Giant

Why? The Werner is every bit as good as the little giant.

Still interested in the Little Giant because the Werner is a pure extension ladder, sometimes, I like the stability of the A Frame, especially indoors. I had a bad parachute wreck when I was in the Army, got a mostly not mine foot. Sometimes I get a little unstable when climbing ladders, my mind sees the A Frame as a bit sturdier when getting into attics…
shipping $29.99
weight is 34 lbs

I think what Christopher is saying is Werner makes a similar ladder to Little Giant.

Thanks David, that’s what I was referring to. I’ve owned the 17’

for 3-4 years, use it everyday, no problems.

Love my Werner.
17’ height, 7 1/2 ft step that is great for attics, etc. :smiley:
It’s heavy but super sturdy.