How many chapters in Canada?

Hi, i’m new obviously and was wondering about your org; where are your chapters if any other than Kingston??


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This is all I have on record.

Central Ontario Chapter

Toronto Chapter

Northern Ontario Chapter

Toronto East - Rouge Valley Chapter

Fundy Region Chapter

Canada South Chapter

Greater Toronto Area Chapter

Ottawa Chapter

For more information about NACHI, visit

This is all I have and hope this helps.

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Before you speak for Canadian Members perhaps you should check out the profile to whom you are replying!

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You are incorrect with that number.
If you use your special password to enter the NACHI member only section you will find that we have 150 chapters in Ontario alone and 1200 in all of Canada! The US numbers are low (in terms of members) compared to Canada last I checked you guys only had 6000 chapters!:stuck_out_tongue: :shock: :wink:


These were the only chapter listings that were forwarded to me when I requested from HQ , I did not realize there were that many.

How do I get a complete listing?

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X chapters!

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Got to admit he looks very nice in this picture,
He has been very sad since he lost his free NACHI phone and the ability to have his 1,500 + minutes a month paid for by NACHI.
He was very happy and did a great job with the Previous Kingston group.
I do not know what his difficulties are now but he is giving free wett inspections and just lowered his prices.
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