Southwestern Ontario

Hi folks

I’m new to this business

I’m wondering if there is a nachi chapter in the Windsor/Essex county area. I can’t seem to find the answer to that here.

Yes, and you are the President:

Congratulation Mr. President.

In all seriousness, being President of your own chapter has many perks, the least of which is that you get to invite all the local agents to your meetings. They won’t come, but the invitation listing you as their local inspection association President is a marketing piece that can’t be beat.

It’s no wonder you have been successful Nick, best answer ever.

I’m in Mid-Western ON, let me know when you have your first meeting!

Always marketing!:slight_smile:

Robert,I also like that answer,best wishes on being elected president

Hey guys, someone needs to “second” that “motion” for it to be “carried”.

I will second that

Thanks guys for all that support :slight_smile:

I have another question for Nick. Why the difference in the conditions for membership with CanNACHI and NACHI? Are you not the parent organization? They don’t seem to be as helpful as NACHI. Most of the associations in Canada seem to be about control and barriers. What’s up with that?

Canadians want the control and barriers. They think much differently than we do and it took me a long time to realize that.

There are only a few who trust the market to naturally select what home inspector should survive and which should go out of business.

Most want and need a national organization to do that for them. Without the history of licensing that we have, they cannot see yet how handing out a “national credential” to everyone diminishes all of them to the level of “basic minimum standard holder”.

They have to learn it the hard way.

Robert you catch on fast we Have many inspectors in Canada who still do not understand that .
I took 4 years to see and have not belonged to the Cult Groups since 2003.

Depends on what you deem the “basic minimum standard”? It also depends on what you consider controls or barriers. Is education a barrier? Is requiring a home inspector to undergo a H.I. exam a barrier? Is licensing a barrier, or just a means to offer even the basic level of consumer protection?

What becomes readily apparent is that in Canada that we have many different choices of “association”. Some have raised the bar, while others believe that lowering the bar makes it readily accessible to one and all. Some have become politically motivated, while another becomes micro-managed by another new group of self-appointed directors. So in essence do we now have the formation of even “new cults” as Roy seems to claim?

So what has really changed, other than the home inspection industry has become more and more fractured? Everyone seems to believe their way is the right way, and perhaps in their mind the only way!

The issue being - no one association can guarantee a foolproof means to reduce failure, let alone stopping the fact that anyone can claim to be a home inspector.

One can also argue that even licensing/regulation in British Columbia has not stopped “negligent” inspections. However, it does hold the inspector and the association responsible to “consumers”. Perhaps some level of protection is better than no level of protection at all.

So we still have groups arguing over what? Bigger, better, best - or lower standards versus highest standards? Inspector association member mills, or smoke and mirrors to present they are backed by …

There are only a few who trust the market to naturally select what home inspector should survive and which should go out of business.

Excellent statement Jim. I agree totally…

We had a seconder,did some one call the question?

Thanks **Claude **for **confirming **just what many have been saying for some time .
Those who like the closed door associations have to come to NACHI to voice their thoughts and information .
The Cult like Closed door associations share nothing with the majority of Canadian home Inspectors .
They, like you, come to the few open to all forums Like NACHI ,Canachi to get your word out .
So sad so much knowledge,ideas,and questions are not shared more.

Whow!!! touchy subject or what ;/ I was just wondering why the difference between InterNACHI and CanNACHI. And why Nick would allow his NACHI logo hijacked by CanNACHI and have such a difference in requirements for membership.

With the dozen or so association all fighting to out do each other and be top dog. They are heading (in my opion) in the directions to give the impression to the public that they are the ones to protect the customer, raise the bar each time. At this rate you will need a Masters in Physics to do a home inspection.

I have been looking at this industry for several years and have decided to jump in before the requirements go through the roof… Don’t get me wrong, I believe that there should be some basic education and understanding to do the job right. But you don’t need to be a medical Doctor to perform CPR if you get what I mean.

I’m one that believes in small goverment. I truly believe we do not need the province or anybody else to tell us how to regulate our businesses.

Like James Bushart said ealier “There are only a few who trust the market to naturally select what home inspector should survive and which should go out of business”.

I believe that InterNACHI has the right approach to this industry and is why after my due diligence have joined InterNACHI.