How many "clean" houses do you see? POLL

I understand we usually talk about the hazards you see in this forum but I am curious, how many houses do you inspect that have no electrical issues?
Is this older or newer houses and what area are you working in?

Good question Greg.

For me, I would say that it’s less than 10% for homes with zero electrical deficiencies. However, I would say that 85% of the homes have relatively “minor” issues (minor meaning inexpensive repairs/corrections).

The balance (roughly 5%) have significant defects - costly repairs and/or hazardous conditions.

Obviously, the older homes tend to have the most significant issues (30 plus years).

Greg–in the past year I found just one panel that had no defects of any kind
with one possible exception–the wires may have been to tightly bent as they entered the breakers. I didn’t say anything, though, because it was a work of art.

I haven’t seen a panel that clean since the last one I installed–no, wait–it has been longer than that even.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:

Newer homes have less issues but more importantly I have noticed certain contractors have superior installers. There are certain contractors that I noticed have exceptionally well trained personnel on their teams. Once I see their company decal on the panel I can just about be assured there is a good clean install behind the covers. Then there are others whom I can almost tell you what is going to be amiss because they either train their people to take short cuts (i.e. numerous wires under one connection lug, all the ground wires twisted together and shoved into a large ground lug connector, excessive insulation stripped off the wires to the breakers, etc.) That is not just the electrical contractors but the HVAC and plumbing guys as well. There are just some companies that take pride in their work and you can see the effects of good training and then there are the guys that want them to get in and get out to the next J-O-B. Percentage wise, probably 10-15% are super clean, 50% are marginal and the rest is just crap. There are a lot of very old homes in Pensacola and apparently a lot of people that fancy themselves “lectricians”. Just did one a week or so ago that was a nightmare. Four pages of discrepancies and most were electrical. Built in 1961, had 5 (that’s right FIVE) fuse panels all connected in series, that rambled through a house, a covered patio, a laundry room and a mother in law “shack” at the back of the property. I should have charge twice as much to do it.

i’ve only seen one “perfect” panel. i may have missed something but the wiring was picture perfect. like an illistration in an electricians text book, realy that nice. only bad thing i could say about the panel is that i knew the guy who did it and he’s a jerk. has words for everyone in this and any other industry. major a-hole, but impecible work habits. i hate guys like that 'cause you can almost never find anything wrong with there work and they know it. here’s a pic of one of his jobs, not the one i’m talking about, but the only pic i could find. but hay, he thinks i’m a damn good inspector, so i give him respect.

100_0696 (Small).JPG